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Heart Shaped Candle

Beautiful white candle on a heart shaped slate, Perfect for valentine’s day!


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Amanda Prowse Hardback

Hard back ,limited edition, signed copies.

Amanda Prowse is a very successful Author and she was inspired to write Three-and-a-half Heartbeats after hearing the devastating story of a young girl called Emma Stralker that lost her life to sepsis. Amanda was deeply moved and wanted to partner with the charity to raise awareness of sepsis and make it a household name.

"Grace and Tom Penderfords had a strong marriage, a comfortable home, and a healthy baby girl.
They were happy. They were normal.But soon after Chloe turns three, tragedy strikes. A disease called sepsis claims her life, devastating their little family."
All the proceeds from the novel go straight to the UK Sepsis Trust, every little bit really does make a difference.

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Starfish DVD

This is a must see film of a true story of an amazing couple. I saw this film at the cinema but had to get the DVD as well. The perfect cast for the perfect film. A story of a family which is torn apart by a dreadful disease but manage to pull together with their love for each other.
Tissues at the ready.

Inspiring film. Don't hesitate to buy. Puts life into perspective and reinforces what is inside matters the most. Astonishing performances by all involved.

Excellent film of a horrendous illness that could affect anyone and change your life forever.

This is an incredibly beautiful film on a difficult subject, although it isn't actually a difficult watch. It is certainly a powerful film and brought a tear to my eye, but without it being a saccharine weepfest. It pulls you in, as you care so much about the couple, knowing the film is based on their true story. Although theirs is not an everyday story, it feels very relatable. Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt are superb it in - very natural and believable. Thoroughly recommend.