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New member and my story.

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 07:43 pm

Hello all.
I came across this forum by chance on Sat evening whilst googling sepsis recovery.
I'd like to tell my story and ask advice about my remaining symptoms and I apologise for this long message.
I had a c section with my daughter on the 11th of April this year, all went well and I was discharged the next day.
However I was rushed back into the maternity hospital in the early hours of the 12th/13th of April with what they though was just cellulitis which was all around the section site to under my belly button to down between my legs. I was treated with IV antibiotics via a cannula in my arm and was due to be discharged on Sat the 14th but the redness had spread further out to the sides of my waist so was given more iv antibiotics and was discharged the next day. No suggestion of having a scan was made and I was sent home with a course of oral antibiotics and no pain relief (I was still in agony with a new born to care for) I also had a very low iron count at the time.
Then on the 17th I was admitted to hospital again as I had a massive leak of infectious fluid burst from a hole at the edge of section scar. It was awful. Before I was admitted to the ward I had swabs stuck in the whole so they knew then it was around 4 inches deep. Anyhow it took them 3 days to decide I needed surgery to see what was going on. I was given iv antibiotics over this period. So I had the surgery on the Fri afternoon to find the Infection was right down to my muscle wall and right along the scar.
I was left with an open wound longer than original section incision and fitted with a negative pressure pump. I had this for a further 12 weeks.
10 hours after surgery I was very ill. My blood pressure dropped and bloods were taken very quickly. Then a nurse rushed in at 2am with antibiotics on a drip (2 different types) and a bag of fluid. I was told this was so they got "the right bug" I've since discovered this was when I had sepsis. I found out at my GP's when he was looking back at old bloods from my time in hospital.
I'm having blood tests tomorrow to rule out fibromyalgia ECT as I have aches everywhere but the pain in my legs is horrific. I still take dihydrocodeine for the pain but when it's really bad I have to take oramorph. I can't walk very far without feeling exhausted and going white. I still get random hot flushes and freezing, shivering episodes. My hair is falling out and when I go to sleep in the day I can dream of having full conversations with my husband but he's at work and I hear doors slamming and loud noises with wake me up with a fright!
Reading other people's stories on here I'm guessing this is the aftermath of sepsis?
Thank you for reading.

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