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    • Hello, I wonder if anyone knows exactly what is going on in your body to cause the usual symptoms of PSS which I have, I have googled this many times and assumed from the information that it is the immune system that has to rebuild, I may be incorrect with that but if correct, no idea how that happens.  Does anyone have anything to add to understand what the body is going through whilst recovering down the line.  It does seem to affect all the body and new symptoms arise all the time and I sit here wondering what process the body is going through, ie is it the blood etc. Any information would be helpful.
    • Hi Amandaa - thanks for sharing your story and hope you have found some useful information here on the Forum. It's a slow recovery process for sure and symptoms can differ. If you haven't already, do talk through with your GP and explore non medicated options if that is your preference. Also, speak with a member of the support team at the UK Sepsis Trust - they are all trained nurses with experience in critical care, sepsis and sepsis recovery. give them a call on their freephone number 08088 000 029 Monday to Friday 9 – 4 pm Take care and keep in touch M
    • Hello everyone My sepsis story began in January 2018 and ended May 2018 (3 hospital admissions).  Fortunately I survived with all limbs intact.  However, I have been suffering from every symptom of PSS since.  Looking at the whole picture, I am getting better albeit slowly.  However, the pains in my hips, back and legs can make it very difficult and painful to sleep in bed.  This is relatively new (3-4 months).  When I get into bed, I find it too painful to turn over or move at all, its painful on both sides and on my back, so painful I have to struggle to get out of bed which hurts more and end up sleeping on a recliner chair which seems the best, most comfortable alternative.  However, I really don't want to sleep on the recliner forever!  I have tried leg pillows and all positions and different mattresses including memory foam etc.  I also suffer when I have been in a car over 2 hours, the same symptoms, I can hardly get out of the car as the pain is that bad.  When the pain is really severe, it isn't very often that over the counter painkillers work and when they do I take the max and could take more.  I didn't want to go down the route of getting prescription painkillers.   I would greatly appreciated any advice anyone could give, things they have tried etc and also advice on whether anyone thinks the doc's prescription painkillers would be best. I would love to go to a support group but unfortunately there are none in my area as yet. Thank you everyone in advance and I look forward to receiving any replies. I have just found this forum and will be eagerly reading everyone else's problems to see if I can shed some light on any advice :)
    • Hi, the symptoms you describe are extremely common following sepsis.  Recovery following sepsis can be a slow and difficult process.  Often people are surprised by how they feel and some of the problems they encounter.  Recovery varies greatly form one person to the other in terms the problems experienced and the length of time to recover.   Many people find it helpful to discuss their recovery with a member of our support team at the UK Sepsis Trust.  The support team are all trained nurses with experience in critical care, sepsis and sepsis recovery.  You can tell them what has been happening to you and have the opportunity to ask questions, it can be helpful just to talk things through with someone who understands.  You can contact the support team by calling our Freephone confidential helpline  number 08088000029 Monday to Friday 9 – 4 pm.  
    • i had sepsis shock in october, due to my kidney was blocked, i had a emergency  upostomy, was in icu for 3 days, now have a urostomy bag,  cant get to grips why i still feel so weak tired and pain, is this my life now, i am so thankful the hospital saved my life, but i am so affraid it will happen again, i will be 70 next year and have had lots of health problems ie bowel cancer, copd, arthritis , i manage to fight through these but this sepsis has really knocked me off my feet,  how long will i feel like this, can anyone advise, thanks
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