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    • Morning Charley H20   I hope with each reply it gives you a small bit of comfort. Its a traumatic time for you also trying to help your daughter. We all send our thoughts to you your husband and daughter.   I too had my bowels destroyed and into my stomach. I had it pumped twice a day of infection after surgery. Also weekly visits to surgery. Its a big shock to your husbands system and you will be struggling to know what to think. It is a long recovery but each day is a new one that I really hope gives you all the support you will need. Sepsis UK support phoneline are invaluable, please when you can ring. We too are here as someone will always understand what you feel. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Just do what you are doing. THE BEST YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Thank you for finding us. Take care of yourself. Many blessings to you all. Best wishes Isabel
    • Dear Charlie H20   I can only imagine what a horrible and difficult time this must be for you, and of course your Husband. Just hold on fast to Hope and Faith (whatever that may be for you).   Six years ago today, I went into hospital to have my gall bladder removed, and  - well, things went very wrong and after two days I ended up with profound Septic Shock.  I was transferred to another hospital, and owe my presence here now to the skill and care of the surgeons and staff there.  I too was on dialysis for a while.  So my expected stay of one night turned into 16 months, and it was a long journey.  Now, six years on. I don't have quite the strength and energy that I once did, but I can and do live quite a good life, all things considered.  I was able to return to work (albeit part-time) and driving, both of which were big milestones.   The most significant thing for me throughout that "battle" was the constant love and support of my beloved Partner and my two daughters - which so helped me hold myself together.    I do hope that your Husband progresses well, and the clouds start clearing for both of you very soon. Very best wishes.
    • Hello,   I'm sorry to hear your husband is unwell.  This is understandably a very difficult time for you.  It may be helpful to speak with the support nurses at The UK Sepsis Trust.  We are all qualified nurses with vast amount of experience in Intensive Care looking after patients with sepsis and advising people in there recovery.  We are available via our freephone support number, 0808 800 0029, Mon-Fri, 9-4.  Or email support@sepsistrust.org   Its important to reach out to those close to you at this time.  To support you and your daughter.   I would also advise you to get daily updates from the Intensive Care team.  Communication is vital and if you have any questions, write them down.   Brian is an example that many people do survive this so hope is important.  It is also not uncommon for sepsis to affect the kidneys so they require support in the form of dialysis.    Please don't hesitate to get in touch.   Wishing you and your husband well,    Oliver Jones - Support Nurse UK Sepsis Trust
    • CharleyH2O, I am replying as a survivor now enjoying life after 5 years when it all seemed lost - I’m afraid it can take a while!   Please read this as a message of hope and possibility.   I had frequent admissions with liver infections needing drained each time, before my gall bladder was removed, and this gave me extreme Sepsis. I was in ICU for 7 weeks on life support and dialysis, my son came home from Australia as he was told I would not make it. Recovery took a while as I learned to walk again and I was treated for severe depression during this time. I developed an incurable blood disorder when I was better, and this meant regular draining of my spleen and the treatment gave me diabetes requiring frequent insulin injections each day.   I am now healed, and deeply grateful for so much - the NHS care, both physical and mental, was extraordinary. And not least, the devotion of my wife and family was unstinting. I have welcomed my second grandson now, and look forward to each day. This has taken time, and many ups and downs, but the joy of restored life is so precious.   I wish you blessing and strength through this time, and look forward your better news. Love and blessing. Brian W.
    • Hi everyone,   I don't even know where to begin but I'm just seeking any assurance or positivity. My husband's bowel leaked into his abdomen causing infection and of course, sepsis.   He had his first surgery for removal on Saturday and has been asleep since. On Monday they opened up again to flush out some more of the infection and saw his heart rate and temperature lower a little. Today, Tuesday, his temperature has gone up slightly and he's on dialysis as his kidneys aren't functioning well.   I'm just seeking any hope really. My world is falling apart and I'm trying to keep strong for our daughter but I don't know how to cope.   Thanks for reading x
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