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One of my first #C4S16 Training Sessions - of many




Over the next few months you will see a lot of strava screenshotting, (mostly of me getting lost as I still don't know my way around Manchester), some photos of me at various sweaty stages, you may even see me limping/refusing to sit down while my arse adjusts to my saddle again. But most importantly, you will see some facts, figures and stories, which all relate to both mine and other people's journey, regarding sepsis.


My story starts with my dad. And fortunately, my story has a happy ending. But many people's don't. So if at any point you want to follow my training, donate anything you can, or even jump on a bike and join in... do not hesitate! The work these guys do is incredible. And I look forward to taking you all through to September when I will be cycling to Cardiff with the rest of the team! #C4S16 ‪#‎cycle4sepsis16‬ ‪#‎dontfollowthetramtracks‬


My training - Route1




Mikey - Team Sollis rider




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