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  2. Hi there I'm sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time at the moment. Importantly you're not on your own and lots of people undergo a long and often tricky recovery following sepsis. Recovery following sepsis is varied and will usually have some contributing factors. These can include our age, length of hospital stay, if an admission to Critical Care was required and our pre-existing health.  Although varied, there are common themes to the problems that many people encounter during their recovery.  These themes can include new physical, cognitive and emotional problems. I
  3. I need your help! My name is Jack Taylor and I am the founder/director of Tailored Health. Having graduated from Loughborough University with a product design degree, I have spent years designing and developing a solution for such a silent killer known as Sepsis. Clarity the all-in-one smart sepsis device, which offers a predictive solution to a silent killer. Clarity has the opportunity to provide users with the ability to take control of their own health when they need it. Through constant monitoring and advisory information. Allowing both
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  5. I survived septic shock and pneumonia
  6. Could you provide more information for individuals without a spleen. Throughout the UK, asplenia education, vaccination and antibiotic prophylaxis is not consistent. There is no agreement on patients at risk being able to hold an emergency supply of antibiotics. Registration of asplenics on the coronavirus shielded patients list is overlooked often. Individuals, health care professionals (GPs) need education, and health authorities need to be made aware of the need to make asplenia/prevention of sepsis policy These issues are important in reducing the risk of overwhelmi
  7. So I recently have had a bowel obstruction and sepsis. So many different things going on at once. I suffer with Crohn’s disease anyways and now I am waiting for a bowel resection. Since being home and recovering I’ve had a lot of symptoms. After this happened it caused global weakness across my body but left side being worse. I’ve had significant muscle weakness meaning I have a to use a frame to mobilise. I have muscle aches and pains, restless leg feelings. I have hot sweats, shakes. I am struggling to sleep and if I sleep to stay asleep, when I am asleep every night without fail I have nig
  8. Hi Louise - an interesting question indeed- and thanks for sharing your experiences I’m no medical expert but I do know that it’s taken 10-12 years or more to get sepsis recognised as a factor in many illnesses. It was never widely recorded all those years ago and only now, the public and healthcare professions better understand the importance of sepsis in diagnosis and treatment. You may need a medical opinion based on symptoms you’ve described, to asses whether it “could have been” sepsis. If that is important to you perhaps give the UK Sepsis Trust a call and see if they can gui
  9. First of all this may seem a bizarre post. It has only recently struck me that I think I may have had sepsis almost 10 years ago but was never suspected or diagnosed of having it as far as I am aware. This occurred 3 days after I had my first child via emergency cesarean section after being in labour with prolonged rupture of membranes for 37 hours. My first symptom was intense shivering and feeling generally unwell. My temperature was raised and very quickly my respiratory rate began to rise. My heart rate was raised also but at the time was put down to the fact that I was anaemic w
  10. Hello, I wonder if anyone knows exactly what is going on in your body to cause the usual symptoms of PSS which I have, I have googled this many times and assumed from the information that it is the immune system that has to rebuild, I may be incorrect with that but if correct, no idea how that happens. Does anyone have anything to add to understand what the body is going through whilst recovering down the line. It does seem to affect all the body and new symptoms arise all the time and I sit here wondering what process the body is going through, ie is it the blood etc. Any information would
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