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    red squirrel

    Keeping on keeping on.

    Hi Scott thats alot to deal with, but with patience and time your still here .wishing you the best. kind regards red
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    Mark Sollis

    Keeping on keeping on.

    Hi Scott - a massive blow indeed - and you made it!! Seems the sequence of those events matched my own - and many others I'm sure Welcome to the other side and thanks for sharing here on the Forum Step by step ... M
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    Keeping on keeping on.

    Good on you Scott. Wishing you well moving forward. So many great songs with 'Keep on keeping on'. My favourite is Primal Scream's Country Girl
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    few months on...

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to share my story. I'm a bricklayer. 22 years old. Very healthy and active. Before all of this happened, I had no idea what sepsis was and wasn't aware of the impact it would have on my life. I went in for a routine ACL/mcl knee operation. The first one was fine which was in late January 2019. The second operation was on March 11th. I woke up from the operation instantly unwell with a lot stomach/back pain. I was transferred to Brighton during the early hours and it was descovered that I had sepsis, pancreaitus and pneumonia. I was in hospital for 2 1/2 weeks which was the worst time of my life. My whole family at one stage came to visit late at night out of hours and everyone was crying. I really felt helpless as I kind of gathered the dangers of sepsis and how my life could have come to an end. ( I was heavily drugged up throughout my time there). I thought I recovered to an extent, then a few months later I suffered a pancreatitis attack and caused me to be in hospital for another week. This attack has taken its toll on me. They don't know the cause, I don't drink, smoke and I eat a very low fat diet. The second time has really effected me it's almost been a year from the very start. I'm a bricklayer/builder and I have really lost my confidence to do my job that I use to love. I always seem to be tired and I have had to do rehabilitation for my knee and learn to walk again on top of everything that went on. I have found it exstreamly difficult to get back to things. I really feel like a different person and I never thought something like this would happen to me. I'm trying to get back to work but it's really hard at the moment, mentally and physically. Most Employers don't understand that I'm slower at my job and I'm finding my way again. I might have to do something else. I really feel for people who suffer from this and I really do feel lucky to be alive. I do hope to do a charity event for sepsis when I feel a bit better. Thanks for reading.
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    Hi, I am a university Product Design Student at Loughborough University and am doing a final year project on monitoring infections to prevent the onset of sepsis. And would be amazing if could fill out my survey so could understand some insight into infection prevention and any issues anyone faces. Should only take 5 minutes to complete. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJJC1uSEKyhf79itF0FcShaOjs3XdWh9KatWPuGKD41urIbA/viewform?usp=sf_link Thanks Jack
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    Survivor struggling

    Hi all, I survived Sepsis in December 2012 on my birthday of all things! It's approaching 4 1/4 years now, and I was directed here and to support groups by the volunteer co-ordinater as she advised I need to process emotional trauma and get my head in the right place to volunteer so I don't break down telling my story. This is what happened when I shared my story and watched it played back as part of my uni assessment in playback theatre, where audience members volunteer to share their story in front of an audience. I shared it at the very end after another audience member shared a difficult story wanting to raise awareness, proving that not all performance sharings were happy/funny/joyful. I couldn't write my essay, I was a mess and need to try and process some of my feelings on here of emotional pain and upset, of confusion, bewilderment and loneliness with it all. Thanks all for reading, Holly x
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