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    I'm a Itu nurse working in Birmingham I'm involved in sepsis West Midlands support groups xx
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  1. Which bit of sepsis are you looking to look at as there is physiology behind it the sepsis 6 / red flag / golden hour or the post sepsis syndrome x Thanks sherrie
  2. Hi sorry hair loss or thinning is also common and probably because lack of nutrients during you being ill it does grow back once your back to a normal diet . Sherrie
  3. Hi I'm Sherrie a critical care nurse working alongside the sepsis trust , Writing things down really helps , I'm sorry to read your story but it's not something I'm not unfamiliar with , the itching is something I've not been aware of but aloe Vera cream from health shops I've heard works well it could be that your skin is so dry and that's causing itching so try that to help moisturise too , I can see your worries re sepsis reoccurring and unfortunatly it can but now with more promotion and with yourself knowing the signs you will be more aware of it and able to get treatment quicker . Re hallinations ie rabbits I hope these have settled not you are home these can be caused by many different medications and the infection itself , hope they haven't bothered you too much if so please reply. Sounds like your doing well and I suggest maybe writing a diary to see how far you have come, please reply for anything else. Best wishes Sherrie
  4. http://sepsistrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/FinalSepsis-Survivorsupdated-RD.pdf This is what I'm on about
  5. Fantastic reply mark Hi I'm Sherrie a Itu nurse and help with support side of sepsis trust. I've heard people saying how there illness has changed them giving them a new out look on life, Concentration has always been one thing that pops up in so many conversations post sepsis, and it seems that it improves over time. Different methods are available to help but each person is different , It's great you have had good aftercare as this isn't always the case in the U.K. But sometimes just finding people who have been though sepsis and finding how you are feeling now is normal Is reassuring . Listen to your body and rest when you need, Mark is there links on webpage to support info books . All the best Sherrie xx
  6. I will always remember that night you came up in to bed 5 on the old unit , could see Cpap really wasn't going to work, and you needed ventilating , fab to see you fit and well and that's all the thanks I'll ever need xx
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