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  1. Hi Michelle , Like you , I just had one year after sepsis, and like you I am also still wandering why I can't feel back to normal. I think everyone recovers at a different phase and nobody can tell you what will be your particular process. My doctor told me that after 1 year I start feeling better, and can expect a full recovery only after 3 years. I guess, we need to learn to live with what we have, be kind to our bodies and try to be happy about little things in life. Hugs, Rasa
  2. I am sorry Debbie, I know how hard it is. It took a year for me to get rid of the pain, but I still get tired easily. Yes, it feels there is no heeling support or advice, feels like you on your own here. But you will get better, hang in there, it's a hard patch in your life and you going to beat it, because you already beat a horrible illness!
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