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  1. This is my little girl, Pippa. She was feisty, argumentative, loved life and absolutely delighted to become a big sister. 8 days after her little brother arrived she came down with a viral infection, the next evening something was not sitting right with me and after a phone call to NHS direct an ambulance was called. Pippa was diagnosed with severe pneumonia (dispute showing no symptoms) she was transferred to the children's ward were my husband took over as I was not allowed to stay with a small baby. My last words to her were "I will bring a picnic breakfast with your brothers in the morning, you be a good girl for the nurses and daddy and I love you lots" she replied with "I just love you so much mummy" and with that I left her arguing with the nurses and bossing my husband around. 8 hours later I was called back in, Pippa had gone from stable and alert into cardiac arrest in the space of 20 mins. I walked back into that room to see my daughter lying there lifeless with a tube in her mouth and covered in a blotchy rash, the official cause of death is Sepsis as a result of bacterial pneumonia (strep a). Life for us as a family is so completely broken, we are now living every parents worst nightmare, the pain never ceases. The speed with which this kills is unbelievable, and we are now left to rebuild our lives and try and raise awareness amongst our family, friends and community. Thank you for reading Pippa. 31/1/2011 - 10/4/2014. Xx
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