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  1. Hi Libby and Isabel, Firstly, I am so sorry I was not able to reply to you earlier and say Thank you- I have not been well enough to be online. Thank you both SO MUCH for taking the time and caring as you did to write back to me and help me in the ways you did. I am so thankful for everything-your thoughts and advice, empathy and understanding and knowledge. You've helped me so much in many ways and it's amazing how two people can make such a difference! I would like to write more back but just for now wanted to say THANK YOU - for your heartfelt kindness and understanding. It helps more than I can express to know I'm not alone, to know that others understand and to have that support. And I also hope I can offer that to others as well especially in the future. I'm really grateful for this forum. Thank you and hope to write again soon, Kind Regards, E
  2. Sepsis.docx Sepsis.docx Sorry, I wrote this on word and couldn't paste it so have attached it. Any help/support, thoughts and advice would be so appreciated!
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