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  1. They don't want to spend money on IV antibiotics giving you pain killers is not going to treat an infection. The cost of IV antibiotics is over inflated. You need several different antibiotics given on the same day. To kick the immune system into action. I am being left till August to go to St George's having being left since 2014 with inflamed infection after I the heart scan dye set my legs off.. The NHS refused to believe they gave me cellulitis neuropathy and sepsis as a diagnosis. My family and I myself are pron to sepsis. If it was not me going to a private hospital I would not of been given any treatment. I can't afford enough. But it's better than the NHS solution. All that St Georges is going to do is to look. They are not going to to do anything. I have already been told I have cellulitis and Lymphdemia. But they go into denial that I have infection... They seem not to be able to understand the blood. My Nitic acid is high and my inflammatory cells are raised.. But my White cells are normal. So they the NHS refuse to treat. The white cell count is not proportional to the infection. Infection evading the immune system. It does not always show. The body does not recognise the infection until the the antibiotics levels is increased. The NHS does not want to give IV. Even giving an implant like cancer patents so you can't treat yourself at home. The NHS have stopped people doing it themselves at home the district nurse has to do it. I don't know if I can say where I go. To at least get some treatment. The government/NHS have been up to no good the lab was closed in 2012. The Mod are still up to no good. I have chest pain and high blood pressure.
  2. I read on a American site that doctors can't tell if you have sepsis. Like they say you have post Sepsis or post Lyme Disease. It generally means they don't want to give you anymore meds. So the sepsis does not go away. Even a manitance does is not offered. Probiotic Enzymes tests are being developed. What the difference is from just ignoring red swollen legs which are rock hard sometimes with or without heat. I have not got gout my Uric acid is very high that's linked to infection. But it's ignored by the NHS. Even saying I have a tendency a genetic risk. They take no notice.
  3. Kettering General sent me away with a Zimmerframe cause I couldn't walk on my septic legs. I was escorted off the premises. 2016.. Also with Chest pain and High blood pressure. My ECG was normal my Lyme Consultant said it was not normal. I had gone through heart failure I was told it was Asthma by A and E Kettering. Heart block showed up and Long QT all normal according to Kettering.
  4. It would help if they gave to adiqate antibiotics and cleared the infection. Then put you on a manitance dose. You should have IV antibiotics But with cost and we doctors now reluctant to give them. Cost of IV antibiotics for one week is £300. Assume that's once a day? Why they are explensive.. When water and antibiotics can't be more than a few £'s Vaccine is charged at £2 to the chemist and £7 to the NHS. I've been on oral it's less effective than IV. The stomach can't cope. They keep going on about getting resistance when they haven't cleared the infection to start with. Then they take you off them and don't give you anything else.
  5. Yes I've got it too. The lable has been cellulitis or neuropathy. My gland are swollen behind my knees my lower leg is red and swollen. The skin is very tight around my calf. Massage not sure if it helps if been made worse from a heart scan dye I had in 2014. It's also made me sensitive to my meds they can cause me pain.
  6. There does not appear to be a sepirate inspectorate for lab testing. HSE play a roll in inspecting health and safety in the lab. Labs were governed by medical devices agency now MRSH they look at drugs and test kits. (Medical devices agency told me they didn't have to comply to BSI standards or anyone else's Being crown propity.) I complained in 2015 the test kit for Lyme Disease was poor. The NHS only use one antigen while other countries use 3 antigens. A, B and C6 OSP. The manufacture makes the test but he's not responsible as to how the lab uses it. The CDC lab was closed very quitley in 2012. I didn't find out till last year. They were using manual testing something most labs had stopped in 1986. When it was first set up. Still no solicitor will touch it medical negdulance forget it. Public Health England NHS DSTL/Mod are in charge of what info gets in or out. My NHS doctors are in denial. Even when I have said the lab was closed. Litigation might be the only way but I had one solicitor walk away when my consultant spoke to him.. I have always been pron to sepsis from insect bites. Yet when it comes to Lyme Disease doctors don't want to know. Basically the Mod keep an eye on all of us. Doctors are generally idiots you tell them there is a problem in testing they don't want to report it. They would rather you carry on sick and untreated.
  7. I know you go to A&E you tell them what you got and the they still send you away ill. I felt like my brain was fall out. I had been on clathymycin for 3 months. My GP refused to give me any more clathymycin Ended up in A&E on Saturday. Shaking. My temperature was normal but my blood pressure was up and down, They got rid of me. I ended up sitting in a chemist for 6 hours waiting for shaking and not being able to walk. Went I came out of it at 10pm they told he to get to out of hours. Got there. I was sent away with clarythrmicin. The next day my arms are numbe it's neurological I can't raise both arms and I am numb. My feet are numbe the out of house doc says get there I will give you pain killers. I said no. I rather stay in bed. So I had to book myself in a hotel for another night.
  8. Yap the word time waster comes to mind. A doctor in A&E said to me that his colleagues think your a time waster. I know your not but I am more afraded in giving you the right treatment than just sending you away with a few oral antibiotics. I've had menengitis my father died of the exact same condition 10 days later. I have now got Lyme with cellulitis/sepsis in my legs. The NHS will not give me IV antibiotics. Its only a reportable condition in Scotland. Who you report it too? Public Health. (Mod) I looked under EU law its almost a valid threat. That we are not going to take it seriously.
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