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  1. Hi Nicole! I had a severe case off Sepsis several years ago and was hospitalized for 4 months (ouch!). I can honestly say that your energy levels will return, however, it will take time...it took me almost 2 years before I felt “up to par”. Please keep in mind that Sepsis is a major assault on your entire body. If you continue to worry or concern yourself on how long it will take for your energy levels to return, you are wasting what little energy you currently have by becoming mentally stressed out. I used to hate it when people would say, “Bob, give it time.” But, in the end, they were
  2. Hello Phil! As with any severe illness, the recovery process can often present a new whole set of issues aside from the actual illness itself. When someone is in the “recovery” stage, your thinking process is .”O.K.....I’m out of the hospital and I should feel all better!”. But, as your friend clearly demonstrates, this is not always the case. Quite frankly, you become sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had a very severe case of Sepsis and spent 4 months in the hospital and I year in physical rehab. There was a point when i just wanted someone or something to come along and fix up t
  3. Hi Rachel, Thank you for your reply....and yes.....I did make a complete recovery. If possible, could you please let me know how your partners recovery is going? I am here should you need to "ask" or "vent" anything. Bob
  4. Hi Rachel, My name is Bob and I live in Sacramento, California. First and foremost, you should be aware that Sepsis IS NOT a death sentence. It is, however, treatable and can be survived. I had a severe case of Sepsis years ago, and was hospitalized for over 4 months. My prognosis was grim, but I did recover. How your partner contracted Sepsis may never be known. Doctors suspected that mine was caused by a scrape on my knee, but no one can say for sure. I was treated with a variety of antibiotics but which specific one did the trick is undetermined. My organs did start to shut down
  5. Good morning Lou, My name is Bob and I live in Sacramento, California. It has been 8 years since my 5 month hospitalization with Sepsis. I would like to address some of your concerns. Please note much of what I have been told have been from a very fine team of Doctors that helped me during and after my hospitalization. I can empathize with your many of your overall physical issues. For example; leg pain and weakness. I still suffer from that almost daily. The Doctors explained to me that Sepsis often causes muscle and nerve damage. Toxic inflammation from Sepsis can literally effect ju
  6. Hi Dave! It has been 7 years since my encounter with SEPSIS. After 4 months in the hospital and 3 months of physical rehab,I can honestly tell you IT DOES GET BETTER! I can remember when making my bed was the "project" of the day, and after that, time for one of my many daily naps. Currently, the only side effect that still lingers is occasional leg and foot pain. A couple of over the counter pain pills usually takes care of that. The main key for YOU at this conjecture is to be PATIENT with yourself. You body has been to hell and back and will need time to heal.It is important that you
  7. Hi Mark! I think you pose a great question and I hope my reply helps. As with anything, knowledge is power, and as far as SEPSIS is concerned,it is it's worst enemy. I contracted SEPSIS through a simple scrape on my knee. Had I taken better care of it, chances are I would have never ended up in the hospital for 4 months. But at the time, I had never heard of SEPSIS, let alone the the horrible consequences of having it. Yes, there are circumstances which we have no control over, BUT, if you have already had SEPSIS, then you have the upper hand on prevention and symptoms of possible infe
  8. Hi Rww! In response to when I "plateaued' in my recovery, I quite frankly don't think I have yet. But overall, it took about a good 2 years before I felt physically and mentally put back together. Because I went into cardiac arrest during my Sepsis ordeal, I did have some brain damage which caused a whole new set of problems. HOWEVER, after 4 months of physical/speech therapy, I am back to about 99.9%!! I truly wish I could tell you that all of your aches and pains will eventually go away....BUT....who is to say they won't? Initially the ICU doctors told my girlfriend I probably would
  9. Hi Rww! First of all, I am glad to hear you "survived" the Sepsis ordeal. This infection takes more lives than most people are aware of. Now....to your legs and the pain and aches. I had Sepsis about 6 years ago and was hospitalized for 4 months.....(the food did get better:) Other than my sense of balance, the only other problem I continue to have, is yes, you guessed it, my legs. The pain can be acute or dull. It sometimes radiates throughout or is localized. Pretty much everything you described. After consulting with SEVERAL doctors who really know their stuff, this is what I have learned
  10. Hi Lyndseyann! I hope what I am going to share with you helps in your sepsis recovery. I am going to "outline" some of what I went through and what YOU might expect: *I had Sepsis (bacterial infection from a knee scrape) *In hospital for 5 months *First 3 weeks in coma *Cardiac arrest 2X...some brain damage affecting walking and balance *3 months of physical therapy Now, 4 years later, I have evolved into a more positive person. Yes, my legs continue to ache. I walk sometimes like I have had "one too many". The hallucinations I had continue to haunt me. BUT...I see, feel, hear and touch
  11. Hi Clare, Very often people who do not WHAT Sepsis is, also fail to understand the long term effects of it. I had Sepsis 5 years ago and still walk as if I have had "one too many!". Friends and even family mistakenly view Sepsis as a period of severe illness that you eventually "get over". But as you know, that is indeed not the case. This, of course, leads others to believe you are starving for attention and sympathy, and assume you are emotionally weak and insecure. At this point in my life, I'm just happy to be alive and the unwarranted comments from others just go into my "ho hum" box.
  12. Hi Billy! I had a 4 month hospital stay with SEPSIS 5 years ago, and I was not left with knee pain, but overall leg pain. From what my Doctors have told me, this is probably caused by muscle inflammation due to the SEPSIS, and may or may not improve. Ironically, it occurs only when walking or standing, but never while swimming or doing "leg excercises". As you probably know, SEPSIS can ravage the body, and the fact that we both survived, is indeed a miracle. I guess the pain is just a uncomfortable reminder of how lucky we are! Bob
  13. Hi Sam, I am a sepsis survivor, and do understand and know what you are going through. One way to look at how you are reacting to this sudden illness is, quite frankly, your body is "grieving" both physically and mentally. During my own personal recovery, I experienced what you have described. It will take awhile for you to fully process what actually happened during your unexpected illness, and all of the physical and mental symptoms associated with this "sudden trauma". From what you have written, you sound like you are on your way to a good recovery, despite the tears and fears. Ironically
  14. Hi Allison! I happend to come across your post of "leg pain" and I hope the following will help: It has been about 4 years since my battle with Sepsis. To be brief, i was hospitalized for 4 months, flat lined, coma, the whole gamut. Once released from the hospital, I had severe leg pain which I thought would improve once i was able to start walkimg again.....and it did, but not completely. I was fairly active prior to my illness and leg pain was never a problem. I can swim, do "leg lifts" with no pain, but walking any distance is another thing! Doctors i have been to ( all of them wonderf
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