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  1. Good on you Scott. Wishing you well moving forward. So many great songs with 'Keep on keeping on'. My favourite is Primal Scream's Country Girl
  2. Joe, I get the tired bit myself and many others would call it exhaustion. Like Red said, you've got to listen to your body and take time out to rest when needed. My taste was all over the place. Everything was salty and I could only stomach bland foods. Enjoyed a curry before but found even the mild ones too hot. I've always enjoyed a pint but the taste post sepsis was awful. The only drink I cared for was lager and lime, where as before I was a real ale man. Now - love my curries, always up for a pint (Blonde, Golden) and now eating out which I avoided for being wasteful. Wo
  3. My best wishes on your journey Joe. From what you write you are doing well mentally and this will see you through the tough times you discuss. I wasn't as positive early doors and the comments of 'you're lucky to be alive' etc fell on deaf and angry ears - I didn't feel lucky. Now much later I appreciate I am a lucky one and proud to be a member of the survivors group. Keep talking and your idea of fundraising will help you just as much as the charities. Work wise I wasn't the same but that doesn't have to be a negative. For example I was more empathetic to my colleague
  4. Hi Tricia, thank you for your sharing your story, it's a very brave message. I cannot give any words to ease your pain, I can only hope that posting this message and sharing your tragic story aids your recovery. I'm a survivor of sepsis and I see myself as being very lucky as nearly a 1/3 of folks getting sepsis in the UK will lose their battle. The messages of 'could it be sepsis?' and the 6 signs of sepsis are getting out there and since my sepsis in 2009 things gave improved in the UK but the loss of your husband is still 1 too many. The therapy you are having must be very difficult fo
  5. With you all on this one. Receiving sepsis literature on leaving hospital would have been brilliant. I left hospital with a booklet on post operative care concerning a back operation I had had (which led to infection then sepsis). Wasn't even aware I'd had sepsis until I paid for my medical records. This was back in 2009 and I'm sure information is much improved now. Re cost of doing this. Yes in my mind (no research) the cost of leaflets would be less against costs of not doing so, for all the reasons you have given. Back in 2010/11 I was a 1 man crusade asking why information on sepsis was
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