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  1. Hi Lara I have been thinking about your post a lot tonight and to be honest I know exactly what you mean about people not understanding. My sepsis was back in late 2008 and I still have problems, the days where I can do everything and days where I can just stay in bed all day and in pain all over and all I think is when is this going to end. I work full time i'm on my own and to be honest its hard. I guess until someone actually suffers from sepsis (and you wouldn't wish it on anyone) they don't really understand, I just wish there were more meetings around so sufferers can talk together i'm
  2. Hi Gillianflutes Every time I read new post it brings back memories, at the moment I am going through a really bad time with tiredness. I am dropping off at the drop of a hat, anytime from 3.00pm onwards and can sleep for hours if I don't set my alarm and still go bed early and sleep. I get depressed thinking there is no end to the symptoms, different ones cropping up all the time I just wish I had a magic wand. I can't walk anyway because my knees feet and everything hurts, if you hear of anything that helps please let me know. Where are you from I would love to go to one of the meetings b
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