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  1. Hi There First of all, glad you survived sepsis, you are one of the lucky ones. I too had sepsis just over 2 years ago and I still suffer now, but have been left with a partially collapsed lung after getting sepsis, which started off as a virus and was sepsis went undiagnosed and I was sent home to die basically from A & E, with pneumonia and sepsis very lucky to be alive the following day which then led to double pneumonia and sepsis. Luckily i survived with all limbs in tact so I guess we are the lucky ones. It took me over a year to recover although back at work after 6 weeks to hel
  2. Hi Helen Sorry to hear that you had sepsis and that you survived it most of all. Many don't survive it i too survived it another lucky one. I had sepsis like yourself, mine was bought on by a virus which then developed into pneumonia, then double pneumonia, which then turned into sepsis. This went on for a 2 week period in total. I now have a damaged lung now. But i am alive so very grateful. It does take a very long time to recover from sepsis. I too was 46yrs of age, very healthy very fit and that's why i survived it too. I had sepsis April 14' it took a good 12 months emotionally an
  3. Hi Terry, I am so sorry to hear about your great loss. This is really bad. The hospitals struggle to detect sepsis it seems. I am a sepsis survivor, I had sepsis in April this year, mine started as a viral infection, then within 2 weeks had turned in to double pneumonia and sepsis, the hospital A & E Department, failed to recognise I had sepsis and released me after 1 hour, I was told my the A & E Doctor to stop worrying and just relax, she failed to spot my prurple rash on my face which I pointed out to her, my heart rate was up, my blood pressure low, I had all the signs of sepsi
  4. Hi Doodle, You really have had a bad case of it having had sepsis three times and a kidney stone operation, you poor darling. You are over the worse now and things can only get better for you. This is very debilitating, you do have down days but will also have good days. It is very hard to keep going with having had sepsis at times and I think the only people who really truly understand are the survivors of it, you almost feel like a hypercondriac I know I do at times and you try and keep the symptoms to yourself to try and get back to normality, well at least thats what I try to do as we
  5. Oh thats a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Its so beautiful. Its good to put pen to paper its very healing. I too have wrote a poem but it was about how to appreciate every breath we take and how important it is to be able to breathe and really appreciate that fact and to wake up each day alive. Its funny how sepsis can really bring out our creative side, which maybe we thought we never had, it awakens our real senses. I think we ought to try and write a book, all of the sepsis survivors and donate the proceeds to Uk Sepsis Trust I really want to get involved now with fund raising
  6. Hi Doodle & Anna, Yes, Sepsis I believed happened for a reason, our bodies will always let us know when they have had enough. I have 4 children, 2 older ones adults now and two younger ones, working part-time and always putting other peoples needs first but never my own. It was a warning sign to say slow down a little, I was always rushing around at 100 miles per hour, the sepsis did slow my body and mind right down and yes I can relate to coming out with odd words, I call my children by the wrong names at times and i have a slight stutter at times, which I never had before when I try
  7. Hi Doodle, I am also a sepsis survivor. I was admitted into resus by ambulance paramedics beg. of April 2014, very poorly as a septic patient with acute pneumonia, I am a 46 yr. old woman who normally fights illness, well I don't really give into illness to be honest with you. I am the last person who you would have expected to have been admitted with sepsis. The gps stated that I only survived because of my age and they caught it just in time and put in the IV drips immediately when I arrived in resus, thanks to a brilliant paramedic who was on the ball, I am thankfully alive! I was i
  8. Hi there Woody, I have recently survived sepsis back in early April 14', I havent had any organ failure as I know to as yet, it has left me with a very weak right lung, I have a rattle now, just been for a follow up x ray on my lung, await the results. I was lucky enough to stay out of ICU just about, I was in hospital for 4 days, very weak verypoorly indeed, I could not walk straight I had lost my muscle co ordination for a while, it took a good 7-10 days to come back. I am now suffering with post traumatic stress at present and very tearful at times, I have gone back to work for my own sanit
  9. Hi, I would be interested in attending. I too had sepsis in April this year and I think it is a great idea to set up a support group as I have had no support so far apart from friends and family but they haven't had sepsis so find it hard to understand how I feel at times. Would be nice to meet others who have had same experience. Lyndsey.
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