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  1. Hi! First of all I just want to give you a big hug! We are all on an unexpected journey, that we didn't ask to go on and yes, our lives are now very different. I had Sepsis in July 2015 and what you have written was basically me too, expect I am a bit older (53 then and 56 now). I was competing in triathlons, running half marathons and had always lived a 'healthy' life. The consultant told me that being so fit is how I managed to survive the Sepsis. I wrote a blog for a while called 'Believe!' (on wordpress) and that summarised some of my ups and downs, including some of the things
  2. Hi, I really feel for you as a mum of 2 children. My children are adults now and my grandchildren can visit and go home so I can recuperate. You do not have that option. It does get better but it takes a long time and it might not ever be as it once was. I only say that because I wish I had been warned earlier as to how long it could take. I think people wanted to protect me. I don't want this to be a negative post though. The most important step to take is to learn to rest as often and whenever you can. Be kind to yourself. I realise that will be difficult with little ones but you
  3. Your post really hit a chord with me. We do all have worse than usual days and I hope this is just one of them for you. Life is most definitely not what it was, and often when I think things are settling into more of a manageable routine, something else happens. The past couple of days I am feeling quite dizzy and light headed and I can't quite figure out why. But I haven't started writing to talk about me! Mindfulness has genuinely helped me a lot over the past few years. Having a couple of good friends/acquaintances can help, but you are right when you say that no one really understands
  4. I would be interested too! After two and a half years a of trying to get back to feeling 'normal' in my job I have begun to explore what my long term options are. I believe the stress, although real, is more caused by my fatigue and not having the physical and mental capacity to meet the demands of the job like I used to? Does that sound familiar to you?
  5. Take your time and be kind to yourself. It is going to take time to get back to feeling completely well. Youth is on your side but with youth might come impatience! Your body has gone through so much. I am not medically trained but I have been through three days in Intensive Care after septic shock as well. I eat very carefully (no junk food!), rest as much as I can and listen very carefully to my body. With a wee one you will find it hard to rest but do try because fighting the fatigue does not help you at all. All the best xx
  6. Hi again Another FB group I have found useful is 'Sepsis Warriors'. I found 'Simply Sepsis' a bit depressing as everyone shared their stories with no positive end.... Sepsis Warriors seems to be more pro-active. They advertise UK Sepsis Support groups around the country. Not everywhere yet but a start. Xx
  7. I am a primary school HT. It could be me writing your post! Nearly two and a half years on but today I emailed my line manager to ask for a meeting to see if we could find some creative solutions to support me. Although a lot of my symptoms are so much better, I am still losing words and have energy issues. I used to compete in triathlons and half marathons etc but right now I don't think I will ever get back to that. I am a teaching HT and am finding switching from being the head teacher to teaching the class really, really hard. You talked about planning taking forever now, I completely unde
  8. Hi Not fighting to be 'normal' is a big one. It is a long hard journey we are on and we need to be kind to ourselves. Not sure about your girlfriend but I have never been good at putting me first! Now is the time. I have always eaten a healthy diet but I have now looked even more into it. Certain spices are good for joint pain. I also drink apple cider vinegar with a concoction of spices. The initial taste takes time to get used to but I do think it helped the joint pain. I also had acupuncture which was very helpful but long term becomes expensive. The mind is a tricky one. Accept
  9. I remain cautiously optimistic (overall) that life will continue to become more normal. I know that in so many ways I have got so much better. Progress just takes so much longer than I would like though?! There IS part of me that wonders if this is as good as it will get but I keep going. I practise yoga and mindfulness, I keep pushing myself (carefully) to run a bit more and walk up hills. I am nowhere close to where I was but little by little I will continue to keep trying. There ARE times that I despair but being negative will not help mentally or physically so I do my best to pull myself o
  10. Hi! I am also about eighteen months post sepsis. When I am tired I do 'forget' words. Not so much the physical act of speaking but putting sentences together in my head and losing a basic, everyday word does happen. It is also exhausting trying to hide that it happens. Tricky as a teaching head teacher!!! I have just come through another 'blip' after a very good January. The past ten days have been difficult with the chronic fatigue weighing me down like a ten ton load. You say that you recognise your speech is difficult when you are tired. My symptoms also get worse when I am tired. If you ar
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. I feel so very fortunate to have pulled through. I know it was close for me too. Who knows what made the difference. I was already in the hospital when it all went pear shaped, which was possibly the main reason I am still here today. I hope you continue to receive the support and counselling you need. Much love to you. Xx
  12. Nature has slapped me down this weekend! Probably done too much this week so was washed out anyway and a virus has made sure that I have been unable to raise my head today. A reminder that it is a long road and I have a bit to go yet. Have also been going for acupuncture which I feel has helped energy levels. Fingers crossed this virus doesn't stay for too long.
  13. Positive update! I feel like I turned a corner this week. I don't seem to be getting the fatigue to the same level and when I do feel like I am dipping I seem to be recovering quicker. I have also been able to complete two weeks of five 1/2 days at work. I am also following a rehab programme building strength and fitness. This is also helping me physically and psychologically. There really is maybe a light at the end of the tunnel?!
  14. Michelle - I had to check that I hadn't written your post!! It all sounds so similar. As you can read above I dipped a bit this weekend but last week I did feel I had turned some sort of corner. Can't pinpoint exactly what is/was different but one thing is that I think I am recovering quicker from my debilitating fatigue (as long as I go to bed for a decent amount of time). I am a head teacher of a primary school, so although I can work at home, it has been important for people to see that I am on my way back, so I have been going into school. I definitely did more than my body is ready f
  15. Charlieturtle - I aim to be positive but this is an emotional and physical roller coaster and I do experience lows. This weekend started with a huge dip. My phased return to work included five 1/2 days this week. However, one of my daughters (age 25) ended up in hospital this week with her asthma and I took responsibility for her three year old, who is a delight but it still meant I was on the go more than expected. I did not take her 16 month old who is non-stop!! Another family member stepped in. So I did five 1/2 days and dotted back and forth to nursery in between! Friday night was the ru
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