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  1. Thanks all for your responses. I apologise for the delay in getting back to people everything is busy busy busy... I will be in touch very soon. jo x
  2. Hi, do we have anyone out there that is keen to recruit individuals to complete their 6 mile cycle for Sepsis? We shall have our main teams travelling from the various part of the UK to London but we want to make this an amazing inclusive event and offer the chance for anyone to join in and cycle their Sepsis Six miles. There will be a £6 six mile fee and we would encourage people to get sponsored but we also would be just as keen for our cyclists to create awareness. Could a team of six milers gather together and get in their local paper? Could it be an amazing local event for you on the Cycle for Sepsis week / weekend in September 2015? This can be done anywhere. You can join our main teams if they travel through your local area or do your own personal six miles and share with us your stories / pictures. We are still at an early planning stage. We are working out teams, routes, stop points, timings but please let us know if you would like to help, get a team together, solo cycle or promote in your area. I am looking to get all your details so I can keep you up to date as the planning progresses. If you would like to let me know more in an email then I am joanne@sepsistrust.org or I am happy to hear all of your views here on the forum. Thanks so much. I hope to hear from LOTS of you very soon. Jo x
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