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  1. 6 years on iam still sore, breathless and weak, I've been tested for everything under the sun because my lymphatic system is constantly swollen and seems to be scarred, no one has seen this before. I still go for tests and still no one knows what's wrong, my circulation is rubbish and iam constantly cold and my skin goes blue, I cannot even go down a chilled food section. But iam alive, sometimes you do get down. Sepsis is a bugger! Hope you feel better soon
  2. Iam 6 years post sepsis, lots of complications occurred and left me disabled iam only 39 and always tired and sore. Its different for everyone.
  3. I had to relearn how to eat and enjoy food ,at first everything tasted mouldy and even water was difficult to swollow. But 6 years on I can't stand sweet stuff and my taste in food has changed. Like you the tubes took a dramatic effect ,the nj tube has ruined my breathing on my right nostral each recovery is different , I wish you luck x
  4. Mines happened 5 years ago and one outcome was my lymphatic system became mutated,no Dr has seen that happen before, however it takes me ages to get over minor things such as colds, my bodies breaks out in abscesses and cold sores all the time!I guess its "normal" for us survivors...take care x
  5. Me and my hubby were both nurses when I contacted sepsis and I still ended up in critical care with multi organ failure, so never blame yourself, sending you love on your loss.
  6. Hello lynsey, my story is pretty much the same, 2 weeks after c section I was circling the drain,I'll spare the details as that's what's not important. 6 years on and me and my daughter are closer than ever, one of the most awfull things was missing that special time with your baby and watching my baby be brought up by hubby, but it turned out well iam wheelchair bound and currently as iam writing this I've been in my bed for 4 days due to swelling. Life will get better you will laugh again you will accept you are not the same. Your road isn't easy but you will get there!
  7. Think ifs different for everyone but 5 years on iam still ill.been told i will never completely recover..good luck thoe on your recovery Mary x
  8. Its a very hard thing to go through, Iam struggling still and it was just under 5 years ago it happened to me. The doctor says I may never get better! However it effects many people many different ways. The only advice I can offer is to look after, yourself time heals and good luck for the future. mary queen x
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