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  1. Hi Scott thats alot to deal with, but with patience and time your still here .wishing you the best. kind regards red
  2. Hi Joe i hope you may feel some reassurance from the replies you have already received. like you i worked in a physically demanding enviroment and to be honest i underestimated sepsis not surprising really as i knew nothing about it. Its taken me along time and with a great deal of resistance on my part to understand and learn about recovery and what that means for me.push myself too hard and i pay the price.recovery will come but can be painfully slow and with setbacks. but at first it can be important to keep things simple.read as much as you are able both on and off this forum.be good to y
  3. Hi Richard thanks for the update. sounds like your asking lots of questions which is good, but please dont be disappointed with yourself in any kind of way, try to bear in mind what you have been through. It took me a long time to understand the difference between tiredness . fatigue .and exhaustion. and post sepsis i was exhausted in a way i had never been before. i can really understand your frustration. but try not to push yourself too hard at this stage if its leading to diizzyness at that point we start to risk injury and all that can mean.Really glad you put your foot down a
  4. Hi Natalie and welcome to the forum. firstly you are certainly not any kind of drama queen , i have read from other members of here who contracted sepsis post childbirth, it might be worth reading arround when you feel up to it. in the meantime you might find it helpfull to speak to one of the sepsis nurses 0808 800 0029. apart from this forum and the members on it they were the only source of information on sepsis and recovery that we could find at the time. my sepsis was post surgical and i have had to learn the hard way to manage my expectations regarding recovery. in the beginning i
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-47279072
  6. Hello Richard, welcome to forum. your current symptoms are something that i and many others im sure can identify with and sound quite normal considering what you have been through.i also arrived at sepsis via what was thought to be a kidney infection post surgical .its taken me along time and with a great deal of resistance on my part to come to terms with sepsis and what that actually means for me as far as recovery/timescale is concerned bearing in mind that no two patients or recoverys are exactly the same i have read as much as i can both on and off this forum and would encourage anyone t
  7. Thats great news Nasir, an understanding and informed gp on sepsis and PSS is a massive plus,and no biopsy is also great news. wishing you recovery kind regards red
  8. hello elric, really sorry to read of your recent experience and i hope you may be improving ,although you mention its in the past its actually only 5 weeks or so since the procedure a,rigid cysto under a g/a is no joke and the uretha is a sensitive bit of kit,im not surprised at many of the symtoms your experiencing ,Normally rigid cystos under g/a are not performed in increments of less than 3 months to enable recovery,so try not to worry about the lenth of time this feels like its taking,It sounds like you are well read on this so continue to do the things that can aid recovery,drink plenty
  9. Hello Nigel and welcome to the forum,there isnt an introduce yourself thread on here ,maybe there should be. there is a sepsis surviors section which is open and there is a members area also which is open to registerd members.People often post there stories,writing it down can be an important part of recovery, kind regards ian
  10. Thats a massive increase be interesting to know how the formula / data was calculated to arrive at this change in stats,having a sepsis register sounds like a good idea.
  11. Hello Meecie. sorry i am not a medic so cant advise,Can i suggest you phone trust 0800 389 6255 im sure one of the nurses might be able to explain. kind regards Red
  12. Hello Dave and welcome, from reading your post it sounds normal to me, and from reading all the other replies i hope you feel some reassurance. Its taken me quite a while and with a great deal of resistance on my part to come to terms with sepsis and what that actually means as far as recovery/timescale.and for some ongoing issues.Iv read as much as i can both on and off this forum, and iv used the trust telephone when iv been concerned with worrying symptoms and would encourage anyone to do the same.I work in a very physically demanding environment so iv had to learn to manage my expectati
  13. Members have recently posted about how they can and do raise awareness within the NHS regarding sepsis.this is for anyone who would wish to do the same but are unsure about how to make a start.You dont have to be a patient/survivor to do this, although patients are encouraged. In the first instance you can sign up to your local hospital news letter either by post or email this will inform you of any new initiatives taking place and how you may help. Most hospitals now have a dedicated patient and public involvement department and in some cases can be contacted directly.where you could help i
  14. Some interesting research reported in science daily. Mount Sinai hospital researchers have by the use of a small amount of a chemotherapy agent managed to slow the bodys inflammatory response to sepsis and other infections. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/04/160428152314.htm Red Sorry whilst this link will direct to the site you would still have to type sepsis into the search box and scroll down to researchers discover potential treatment for sepsis and other infections its a hassle i know but worth it.
  15. Hello you could also phone the trust 0800 389 6255 they may be able to help.oxford journals seem to be cited alot regards Red
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