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  1. Hi Scott thats alot to deal with, but with patience and time your still here .wishing you the best. kind regards red
  2. Hi Joe i hope you may feel some reassurance from the replies you have already received. like you i worked in a physically demanding enviroment and to be honest i underestimated sepsis not surprising really as i knew nothing about it. Its taken me along time and with a great deal of resistance on my part to understand and learn about recovery and what that means for me.push myself too hard and i pay the price.recovery will come but can be painfully slow and with setbacks. but at first it can be important to keep things simple.read as much as you are able both on and off this forum.be good to y
  3. Hi Richard thanks for the update. sounds like your asking lots of questions which is good, but please dont be disappointed with yourself in any kind of way, try to bear in mind what you have been through. It took me a long time to understand the difference between tiredness . fatigue .and exhaustion. and post sepsis i was exhausted in a way i had never been before. i can really understand your frustration. but try not to push yourself too hard at this stage if its leading to diizzyness at that point we start to risk injury and all that can mean.Really glad you put your foot down a
  4. Hi Natalie and welcome to the forum. firstly you are certainly not any kind of drama queen , i have read from other members of here who contracted sepsis post childbirth, it might be worth reading arround when you feel up to it. in the meantime you might find it helpfull to speak to one of the sepsis nurses 0808 800 0029. apart from this forum and the members on it they were the only source of information on sepsis and recovery that we could find at the time. my sepsis was post surgical and i have had to learn the hard way to manage my expectations regarding recovery. in the beginning i
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-47279072
  6. Hello Richard, welcome to forum. your current symptoms are something that i and many others im sure can identify with and sound quite normal considering what you have been through.i also arrived at sepsis via what was thought to be a kidney infection post surgical .its taken me along time and with a great deal of resistance on my part to come to terms with sepsis and what that actually means for me as far as recovery/timescale is concerned bearing in mind that no two patients or recoverys are exactly the same i have read as much as i can both on and off this forum and would encourage anyone t
  7. Thats great news Nasir, an understanding and informed gp on sepsis and PSS is a massive plus,and no biopsy is also great news. wishing you recovery kind regards red
  8. hello elric, really sorry to read of your recent experience and i hope you may be improving ,although you mention its in the past its actually only 5 weeks or so since the procedure a,rigid cysto under a g/a is no joke and the uretha is a sensitive bit of kit,im not surprised at many of the symtoms your experiencing ,Normally rigid cystos under g/a are not performed in increments of less than 3 months to enable recovery,so try not to worry about the lenth of time this feels like its taking,It sounds like you are well read on this so continue to do the things that can aid recovery,drink plenty
  9. Hello pollypockets, good to see you here and posting,like the others i can also hear your frustration,its something many on here have been and still go through,recurring infections post sepsis can be a massive worry,iv had five post but none requiring hospital treatment but iv had iv antibiotics at times for another issue.for many recovery from sepsis can be a long and painful process with setbacks,people with a compromised immune systems the very young .the elderly are in the high risk cat for recurrence.this makes it all the more important that we become sepsis aware,and like you have alread
  10. Hello george_b thankyou for your insightfull post sharing this part of your journey,its good to hear that you now feel after your surgery that things are going in the right direction its important to have faith in the people into who,s care we have been placed,It can be tough when we are dealing with one condition and then be presented with another,to be honest with you i underestimated sepsis,iv had to learn the hard way.for me this is taking time,much more than i thought..but like you there is progress it may be small progress at times.and there will and have been setbacks,i accept that n
  11. I have no stamina, constant pain in my legs which always feel weak and heavy, I have nightmares which are always hospital based, I've lost 50% of my hair and my mind is not as sharp as it was before. Last week I had to take my parents to our local hospital where I was an inpatient. I was driving and an ambulance, siren on, went past us not an unusual occurrence especially near a hospital. I could feel my heart pounding and I gripped the steering wheel like a vice while trying to keep up appearances for my elderly parents.) hi Lesley-Anne, thankyou for your post you just described me and i
  12. I v been reading around and found some interesting stuff on post sepsis syndrome (PSS), Its taken from two studies one recent (2016) one not(2013).So what is it. Post sepsis syndrome is a condition that effects upto50% of sepsis survivors they are left with physical and/or psychological long term effects such as... *insomnia,difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep. *nightmares vivid hallucinations and panic attacks *disabling muscle and joint pain *extreme fatigue *poor concentration *decreased mental cognitive function *loss of self esteem and self belief. however this does
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