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  1. Thank you to everyone that has replied it was lovely to hear from you all. I am off work today and trying to finalise Malcolms funeral which is to be held next week. If anyone knows the details of my nearest support group it would be much appreciated my postcode is OL2 8EE. Many thanks Liz
  2. My husband and I went to La Palma on 3rd December for 2 weeks, we both worked for the nhs at manchester royal infirmary. On the 4th December he was taken ill and admitted to hospital with acute pancreatitis. On the 5th he was admitted to their ITU. Doctors said they wanted to stabilise him then send him back to the uk as they had done a scan and found he had gallstones, he had never had any symptons. He was intubated and sedated for a week , he came out of sedation and for just one day was sat in a chair and chatting about getting home in time for christmas, the next day he was worse with a high temperature and hallucinating, no change the next day then in the evening they said he had a temperature. When I got there the next day I was told in very broken english that things were very bad, and I said is he dying and she said yes. I stayed with him for seven hours until he passed away. He had infected pancreatic necrosis,sepsis and total organ failure. What made it more difficult was the fact that very few staff spoke english and some days there was no one who spoke english, they had no idea what my husband was trying to say to them. I had never felt so alone or helpless in my life.
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