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  1. Hi Isabel I'm no just how you feel I too had sepsis in 2012 ITU sedation venerated in hospital for three months after a ruptured bowel which was undiagnosed for 10 hours.i too live on strong painkillers, I am 47 now I carnt work due to pain fatigue head aches and just not very with it, I do pace my self and that is the thing you need to do, if you have a busy day make sure you have a few days to recover where you rest, no your limits and listen to your body, it's the only way to cope trust me you don't have to stop doing all the things you love just do them in small doses and rest when your b
  2. Hi Oliver Thanks for your post in my experience there is no help for patients like me, nobody seems to understand all the problems that we are left with, I did have some intensive care follow ups with the sister on the ward, for the first few months out of hospital, if I can be any help in gathering information to help other in my position, I do feel that there needs to some help out there for people left with all these horrible syotoms, I'm in the porosses for having some CBT. At the moment, this is the third time I've been as I was also left with post traumatic stress disorder and de
  3. Hi there, I'm sorry your not feeling to good after your sepsis, it is seem to be very normal to have pain after sepsis, but if you haven't seen a GP I would advisise you to, may be not the same one you sore before, glad to here your baby is doing well, it sounds like your doing really well to be looking after a young baby as well as coping with the after affects of sepsis, and keep an eye on recurring infections which I suffered with my self, a good understanding GP really helps try to see the same one, so you don't have to keep explaining yourself. Hope this is helpful I am not a medical pers
  4. Derug I've posted before but a while ago, I had sepsis 2012 ITU 9 weeks 12 weeks hospital, I,v had PSS since then 5 years+, I live on pain killers there just trying me on morphein patches, all the specilists I have seen won't call it PSS, they call it post ITU syndrome, with fibromyalgia, I have all the symptoms listed for PSS, I just would like to no if there is any research going on, and how long will it last, will it ever go, is this how it's going to be for the rest of my life now. I'm 48 and haven't been able to work since sepsis, I do get PIP and ESA, and my husband works our childr
  5. Hi there everyone I'm new to this here goes this is my story I hope it helps, I was 41 had a small operation to remove some adehtions that had go attached to my bowel in the Feb of 2012, was still in pain after the op in the July 2012 I was taking pain killers to get me through going to work I was a hairdresser beautician with my own shop I was very busy with lots of clients that had been with me for over 20 years, on the 28th of July 2012, first thing in the morning I went to the logo to try to empty my bowels but I was so constipated next thing I felt something in my left side give way and t
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