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  1. Hi Isabel I'm no just how you feel I too had sepsis in 2012 ITU sedation venerated in hospital for three months after a ruptured bowel which was undiagnosed for 10 hours.i too live on strong painkillers, I am 47 now I carnt work due to pain fatigue head aches and just not very with it, I do pace my self and that is the thing you need to do, if you have a busy day make sure you have a few days to recover where you rest, no your limits and listen to your body, it's the only way to cope trust me you don't have to stop doing all the things you love just do them in small doses and rest when your body tells you, no what your limitatation are so you don't overdo things. And yes mindfulness and relaxation is a great help it work for me I went on a pain relief course which your doctor can refer you to and I would recommend to do it, it's well worth it you we'll find that there are other people in similar boats, you don't feel so alone. Your not alone we are here for you, life is still good it's just learning to live differently to how you did before sepsis. Hope this helps Derug x
  2. Hi Oliver Thanks for your post in my experience there is no help for patients like me, nobody seems to understand all the problems that we are left with, I did have some intensive care follow ups with the sister on the ward, for the first few months out of hospital, if I can be any help in gathering information to help other in my position, I do feel that there needs to some help out there for people left with all these horrible syotoms, I'm in the porosses for having some CBT. At the moment, this is the third time I've been as I was also left with post traumatic stress disorder and depression, I have a large surgical herna that was repaired, 3 years ago but was unsuccessful, I got sepsis because I stuffed a ruptured bowel that was left undiagnosed for 10 hours, I also had a stoma that has been reversed, but I do have a really struggle with the way I look now, I hate how I look. I have been unable to have any surger on my herna again as I have raised inflammation markers in my blood, I have been under a rumatolagist for the last 2years, been on lost of drugs, but nothing has worked, and no one can find out why I have raised crp and esr levels, they are concerned I won't heal properly. If there is anyone else out there suffering similar to myself I would love to get together to we can put all the information we have to help others in the future, I would for something good to come out of something horrible. Thanks for your support my name is Denise
  3. Hi there, I'm sorry your not feeling to good after your sepsis, it is seem to be very normal to have pain after sepsis, but if you haven't seen a GP I would advisise you to, may be not the same one you sore before, glad to here your baby is doing well, it sounds like your doing really well to be looking after a young baby as well as coping with the after affects of sepsis, and keep an eye on recurring infections which I suffered with my self, a good understanding GP really helps try to see the same one, so you don't have to keep explaining yourself. Hope this is helpful I am not a medical person, it's just my own experience sepsis. Derug
  4. Derug I've posted before but a while ago, I had sepsis 2012 ITU 9 weeks 12 weeks hospital, I,v had PSS since then 5 years+, I live on pain killers there just trying me on morphein patches, all the specilists I have seen won't call it PSS, they call it post ITU syndrome, with fibromyalgia, I have all the symptoms listed for PSS, I just would like to no if there is any research going on, and how long will it last, will it ever go, is this how it's going to be for the rest of my life now. I'm 48 and haven't been able to work since sepsis, I do get PIP and ESA, and my husband works our children are grown up now. PSS is so hard to live with it get me down, and I hate feeling tired all the time. I would love to here from anyone else who's in the same boat as me and would love some answers to my questions.
  5. Hi there everyone I'm new to this here goes this is my story I hope it helps, I was 41 had a small operation to remove some adehtions that had go attached to my bowel in the Feb of 2012, was still in pain after the op in the July 2012 I was taking pain killers to get me through going to work I was a hairdresser beautician with my own shop I was very busy with lots of clients that had been with me for over 20 years, on the 28th of July 2012, first thing in the morning I went to the logo to try to empty my bowels but I was so constipated next thing I felt something in my left side give way and then excuricating pain like I have never felt before my husband took me to A&E our nearest hospital is Stafford, this was at 8.30am,I wasn't diagnosed and sent for a ct scan until 6.30pm, then rushed to theatre at 7.30 pm I had suffered a ruptured bowel. I was operated on given a colostomy bag my breathing was very poor when they brought me round, i got worse over the next few days and they had to rush my husband back to the hospital as they had to put me in an enduced coma, and put on a ventilator I had sepsis and it was causing my organs to sut down, I was asleep for six weeks in CCU, then they slowly woke my up, I don't rembemer much but a lot happend in the six weeks my family were told a few time it was touch and go, I have two teenage sons it was very hard for them, I had to learn to walk again and I couldn't move my fingers at first, I had to sell my business I cart work I have had counciling for pstd, i did manage to have my colostomy reversed but my surgical herna wasn't successful, so I still have that at the moment, I have just been sent back to the hospital as I have pains in all my joins extrem fatigue they are not sure what it is so more test they think it might be polymyalga rumatica, or RA if been on steroids since June with no releaf just horrible side affects, coming off them slowly now, my bloods show I have high leaves of inflammation, and that's where I am now it will be four years in July I now no I will never completely recover now, I just try and do what I can and I have my little dog who will be 2 in May he is thing that keeps me going he is full of beans, non of us no what's round the corner, but I have to appreciate each day, even if I carnt do much. I thank my lucky stars!
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