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  1. A remarkable story - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2644031/I-never-going-sit-wheelchair-day-Meet-talented-quadruple-amputee-pursuing-passion-dance.html
  2. Hi Sarah Thank you for your suggestion. A new forum has now been set up in response to your request and it would be welcome if you could contribute to that forum. Any help and advice would be valuable and appreciated by many that have suffered a loss such as yours. Thanks Diane
  3. Ideas from feedback, for discussion; Live chat and discussions Ask the Dr Queries Fundraising and forum ideas Support Symptoms and recognition Prevention Discussion groups Pictures and U tube Q&A discussion with date and time Separate relative areas e.g. Parents Survivors, bereaved and professional Categories
  4. Hello - Glad to have you with me here ...

    1. dianes


      More than happy to be hear!

  5. Such an amazing learning curve for me and our children and family! ....wow can never thank you guys enough for giving me Mark back,
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