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  1. Hi sorry to report I can't make it now as my husband is ill and I have no child care. I am gutted. I really wanted to go. Please let me know of the next one. I will definitely be there.
  2. I will be there on the 12th. Looking forward to it. I know where this is I go to Monks cross to do training for work. Great for parking.
  3. I am thinking of campaigning this year to raise awareness of Post Sepsis Syndrome. I am thinking you tube vids and also witing letters to medical professionals, mps to help get benefits for those suffering and can't work, and physo's who seen clueless with how to help.
  4. Hi yes I plan to volunteer and hope to contact Sepsis trust to help with a north east group. York isn't to far away and my husband or mum would be happy to help with childcare for me to visit a support group.
  5. If you contact the Sepsis Trust they will provide you with left lets you can give to employers. If you GP is giving sick notes you are legally covered and shouldn't worry and concentrate on getting better. Unfortunately more awareness on Post Sepsis needs to be done as I come across this all the time. I am nearly two years on and still suffering effects. It is a slow recovery which will be made slower if not supported properly from work. You can seek advice from Citizens advice about where you stand. Also contact the HR department and find out the sick rules of your workplace. Thinking of you and Please remember you are not alone or going mad which is how I feel sometimes. You have been seriously ill and will take time to recover.
  6. Yes I did therapy and it helped alot. I had PTSD AND had EDMR therapy which is amazing. Definitely talk to gp to get referral. Don't suffer alone./ I finished a course and going back for more as it was that helpful.
  7. I would love to come but travel causes me too much pain and I have two young children which is difficult to get looked after to come. I am thinking when I'm better setting one up in Hull for the North East if the Sepsis Trust will let me. I could do with one here and there is nothing. I sometimes feel I'm very much on my own.
  8. Wow I think you were very brave to return to work so quickly. Give yourself a break Kiwi Girl and remember you have been seriously ill. You need time for your body and spirit to recover. Take all the time and help you need to return to as normal as you can. It took me a whole year to return to work, however I had just had a baby too and I have a physical job. But even so I can only do limited hours even now at 19 months post sepsis.
  9. I have found the same problem. 21 months on and still struggling with pains and weakness. I am with the infections disease specialist in Hull at moment who told me last month none has after effects after Sepsis and my pain would be related to something else. I was in shock. I have since taken a booklet in from the Sepsis trust and hope they read it. I agree with Mark it is our duty to raise awareness. If is wasn't for this site I would feel very much alone and think I was going mad. Debbie
  10. Hi Leila ask your gp about referring you to pain clinic in your area. Once assessed you can get acupuncture on the nhs, saves you £45. Hope this helps.
  11. I didn't think it hurt. I have had three different people now and it depends who does it.
  12. Hi yes luckily my mum still comes and helps me with the house work as I find it triggers off my pain and also I get very dizzy. I have to do a bit then sit down. It is important to rember dust will always be there tomorrow. It is a very hard lesson I had to learn over the last year as I like a clean house. But you can only do what you can do. Have you any help? Sweep the floor or put the hoover round makes a big difference to the house if you don't feel like facing it all. Walking is hard but I am going a bit further every day. I use a stick which helps enormously, I advise you to get one if you can. Do you struggle with the pushchair/pram. I am only just getting to push that now. Do you have a pain managment clinic in your area, could be worth asking gp about it you get alot of support via psyho's, pain relieve via alternative therpys and advice. I have PTSD, Cronic pain in my pelvis, sweeting, and panic attacks. I used to get fash backs and nightmare but EDMR Therapy helped me with this ask your counsellor about this when you see them. I find this forum and the trust amazing support. If you would like to know anything else my email address is crosslandbeauty@outlook.com. It's great to have someone who understands. Best wishes and I hope you keep having good days. Debbie
  13. Hi can I say I had a simiar experence too. I had spetic shock 5 days after my forcep delivery of my son 16months ago. It is very difficult for us all as there is little understanding about the recovery with the general public and sometimes professionals. It is doubled by the fact we have little ones to look after. Although on the other side they are a great strength to us and give us something to keep going for. I have a 3 year old as well and if it wasn't for the help of my mum and husband I really don't know what I would have done. Take help as much as you can. The more rest you get the better you are for your son. Use the rest as great bonding time and cuddle time while they still want cuddles. I found it hard pushing the pram and still struggle with the pushchair at times. It is so difficult I I find this is part of being a mum. Like everyone says we are alive and we have beautiful children which we nearly lost the time with to watch them grow. This forum is fab at giving you support and helping to share your feelings with people that totally understand what you are going through. Thoughts are with you and you are not alone. The pain by the way is normal I have it too and was comforted to know that I wasn't the only one with pain so long after Sepsis. Remember we have given birth as well as Septic shock. It takes a normal body a year to return back to normal after birth so we should give our selves a break. You are doing fanastic.
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