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  1. Sunday 18th September 2016 I organised a charity horse ride with a large group of friends in memory of our lovely son Josh who died suddenly from Sepsis in February and also to raise awareness and money for Sepsis Trust. If any of you lovely people would like to donate to my just giving page in aid of this deserving cause this is the link:- https://www.justgiving.com/dianne-duckworth1.
  2. Hi Mini, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother and my heart goes out to you. I just cannot believe the ambulance service would not attend due to it being Christmas.We still cannot believe Josh has gone and why this happened to our darling gentle giant, he has left a huge gaping hole in our family, I just feel like the stuffing has been knocked out of me. Take care everyone and try to be strong. Dianne xx
  3. Hi Josie, So very sorry for you loss but I know just what you must all be going through as I lost my eldest son aged 24 in February to Sepsis, its just devastating and heartbreaking. With Josh we had no warning signs at all he was/seemed fit and well and his usual self. Take care Josie. Love Dianne xx
  4. I cannot stop thinking about you and how we are going through the same nightmare, I read your story and was very moved by it. It is just devastating and so tragic. They say time heals but I cannot imagine this happening and feel the same that I feel lost without Josh, our house is very empty even though we have three other children.Take care Sian xx
  5. Thank you Libby and Sian for your replies they mean a lot. I am so sorry to hear of your devastating story Sian too and to hear other people are going through the same nightmare, it is just unbelievable what has happen and as you say so difficult to comprehend. It still feels like he has just gone away. How can someone be/seem to be fit and well and for this to happen, life is so cruel. I too am the same surrounding myself with family and friends so I don't drown myself in thoughts. Thank you Libby for the offer of support but we are mulling through it with great family support. Take care
  6. We have just recently lost our eldest son Joshua who was 24 years suddenly from Sepsis. The day it happened he was fit and well, went to work as usual came home had his tea and went to bed as normal, he didn't complain of any ailments and was his normal happy self. Our youngest son found him slumped on the toilet when he went to bed, the paramedics came but he had already gone. We are/were in total shock and disbelieve that this could have happened and so quickly without any warning. I had never heard of Sepsis before. We are just heartbroken that this has happened and still cannot believe we
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