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  1. Thanks all. I've started using evernote on my phone! Funfact I dont know why I wasn't using this before! It's tailor made for anyone with lots of "bitty" things to do each day. I highly recommend for the memory issues/general organisation. Learning to use Trello, too but and has more scope for working with a team on the same thing... so might win out but too early to say at the moment. Re: Chronic fatigue... Libby I have read the guidance, thanks. I've switched to smaller more frequent meals, make smoothies and take extra supplements - general multivitamins, vitamin D and garlic capsules (not that I need help where garlic is concerned). Haven't had a bout of tiredness like last weekend yet but I dont think my habits have impacted my energy levels that quick. So fingers crossed its pays off in the long run. I feel very frustrated with the service I got from the NHS. I've coached my team on being assertive when they weren't getting the help they needed from their GPs in the past... but seems like I failed to take my own advice and it could have killed me. When I replay the meeting with the GP - I was given an appointment with the nurse practitioner - I always thought she was a doctor, but it turns out not... that seems wrong to me. Surely they should inform you? But then again... shouldn't they have the medical training to spot sepsis? I'd taken paracetamol before I went and it was minimising the symptoms still felt rough though... but shouldn't she have taken my word for it? When I said I had a temp all night she said "did you take your temp?". No. I didn't. That ended the discussion. I think EVERYONE in the world knows when you have a fever. I was blown away by the fact I had to prove it. Which lends me to think she thought I was full of crap. Any advice on what I should do? If I could sum up the experience it was as if she was fitting a narrative as opposed to being diagnostic. I am thinking about complaining... what are other people's experiences? Also - how do you trust that medical practitioner again - I take my kids there, you know? Anyway, ramble over. Thanks for your insights, moo and Gillian.
  2. Given the horror stories I've read in here I almost feel like a fraud posting. I had repeated uti's for several weeks and was just plodding on with a dull ache in my side until one night I woke shaking violently. I staggered to take pills and went back to my GP in the am. The nurse practitioner was very dismissive and implied it was work stress. My partner found me incoherent and burning up and took me to hospital that evening was low bp, hr 120, 39.9 temp. A week of IV fluids and antibiotics later I was discharged. No answers and a profound feeling of 'this ain't over'. Oh, and the urologist stuck a finger in my bum and in an Eastern European accent said I was a 'big boy' so wasn't all bad. 1. I've got a boot on the psychological side... Am a mindfulness fan and CBT adherent since becoming depressed in my early 30s. I recommend both for anyone struggling this way. It made me stronger than ever was in my youth. Also, my Ma has cancer so She's fighting for much more and that both inspires and gives my self pitying side a good old 1950's shake of the shoulders. 2. My short term memory is a mess... But I work in project management and need to keep several plates spinning and could do with any tips you've discovered. Also... Will it pass? 3. Muscle weakness in my legs and an exquisite feeling of fatigue. This one is recent. I simply cannot do anything. I recognise that I can. But the effort. I've gone from 43 year old to 536.5 years of age. I absolutely need people's tips for boosting energy levels as it's taking huge effort to do anything. Confirmation this'll pass at noon tomorrow also would help.
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