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  1. You've been through the mill a bit both from the surgery and the sepsis and while my experience was slightly different to yours I did have to learn to walk again due to muscle waste . It will take time before you are fully recovered but you're showing the determination required for this to happen . When sepsis struck back in 2012 my kidney [ I only have one ] and lungs failed at our local hospital - I was flown to Paisley and within days my heart stopped and continued to stop . I was in hospital for a total of 3 months [ I developed pneumonia 4 days after being released from hospital so back I went for another 2 weeks ] . The Physios helped me with my walking but it would be a while before I could get up our stairs so my wife made our spare room into a bedroom , even longer to get up the steps which lead up to our track - however , I had had an operation on my back in 2011 so my circumstances were slightly different . Four weeks isn't a long time especially after what you went through , take things easy while doing your best to build up your leg muscles once more , I would say another month and you'll see a lot of improvement . Best of luck , Katherine .
  2. Hi Isabel , I pop in from time to time to read various people's posts to see how Sepsis affected them . After reading your opening post it got me thinking whether you were suffering from some form of Arthritis - Before I contracted Sepsis back in December 2012 I was taking 3 diclofenacs a day to treat the pain I was getting from arthritis - In April 2011 I had an operation on three of my lower discs , the Surgeon told me that normally he would have pinned my spine but a the rest of it was in such a bad way from arthritis my back would have collapsed [ I think that's what he said anyway ] . I was on a Life Support Machine and Dialysis for 3 weeks , I was in ICU for 4 weeks , my stay in hospital lasted 3 months . I died for several minutes when my heart gave way - the Doctors told my wife that should I live I would most certainly be suffering from brain damage , the Doctors inserted a temporary pacemaker telling my wife that the procedure could kill me - it was touch and go for a few days but I survived and apart from a memory problem my brain was unaffected . Now , upon coming round properly I was told that I would no longer be allowed to take Perindopril or the other blood pressure medicine I had been taking prior to the sepsis happening . After a few days the pain from the arthritis returned , my fingers and wrists hurt - they gave me diclofenac but my sole kidney reacted badly to it so Diclofenac was added to the list of medicines I wasn't allowed to take . Upon coming home I agreed to take Allopurinol after refusing to take it for years - my arthritis disappeared - ok I get the occasional flare-up but in 5 years + I can say that's happened maybe 3 times - I too have to take very strong opiates because of my back problem , 2 x 60mg Dihydrocodeine twice a day - they make me feel lethargic and it takes a lot of will power to get out of my chair some days , I can't walk very far before having to stop to sit down , I trip and fall on occasion and I do tend to worry more than I used to [ could be the opiates ] .. However , I'm still alive , I have the best of families around me and I live in one of the most beautiful places on God's Earth , I have a lot to be thankful for . I wish you well , Isabel . Peter .
  3. Edward - I mentioned my memory problem to my GP - I forget certain words , people's names etc , I forget appointments , it got so that I now write a lot of things I have to do in a notepad that I keep by my side .
  4. Hi Wendy , Have you spoken to your GP about the dizziness you're suffering , it could be anything , could be low blood sugar levels [ I've suffered from this ] , low blood pressure [ might be an idea to get yours checked ] and some medications can cause dizziness [ blood pressure tablets caused dizziness in me ] - as for not being able to concentrate on reading , well , you've been through a lot and recovery can take weeks even months - try to eat healthily and get plenty of rest but do see your GP about the dizziness . Peter .
  5. Hi Eddie , Thanks for your message - I was around 3 weeks and a few days in a coma too - I was also delirious for a week , my wife thought i was brain damaged as the Doctors had told her I would be - after a week though I came round properly , I couldn't talk though because of the tubes that had been keeping me alive so my family held up an alphabet card . It's been 5 years now since I came out of hospital , apart from having my gallbladder removed and a few minor injuries due to falls [ my right leg is currently bandaged up after gashing it badly through a fall ] I'm doing ok physically , mentally , not so good , I'm working on it though , so I'm sure I'll get there . I guess if we can survive sepsis we can survive a few mental health problems .
  6. Hi Larry , Thank you very much for your kind message , I have to apologise for not seeing it until today . I came here seeking advice about a constant problem I've had , well , two problems - I think about dying or death every day and my memory since the cardiac arrest has been affected badly . I'll talk about my problem or obsessive thinking with Death first . While I was on the Life Support Machine and Dialysis Machine I suffered several cardiac arrests , one of them bigger than the others , a pacemaker was fitted until the arrests became less frequent and eventually stopped - the Doctors told my wife that they didn't think I would survive and if I did I would most certainly be suffering from brain damage so I'm not sure why I'm still here , I was lucky I guess - Don't get me wrong I'm very very happy that I survived , I love the life that I'm living , I have the best wife and two brilliant children , I live in a very beautiful part of the country . However , there isn't a day that goes past when I don't think about dying or death - I'm 62 , I'm disabled with a spinal problem which means I can't walk very far so I'm not sure how much this plays on my mind , not being able to exercise as much as I should but if it hadn't been for my episode with sepsis I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have these thoughts about dying floating about in my head each and every day . I'm a pretty positive person on the whole , it's just I have these daily thoughts . I'm guessing this is a pretty common problem , would it be worth seeing anyone about it , is it a form of depression or obsessive thinking , can someone help me with this or should I accept it for what it is ? My memory problem . I can remember things which happened years ago without any problem , it's just the simple every day things I struggle with , Doctors' appointments mostly , things my wife tells me , I've got to the stage whereby I keep a notepad by my chair in the lounge to keep a list of things I need to do . I went to see our Doctor about it but she just brushed it off as ' getting old ' or the painkillers I'm on , I always thought it was linked to my sepsis but my Doctor doesn't agree - are there any excersises I could do , should I return to our Doctor ?
  7. Thank you Dave and Emma , I've posted about my sepsis experience before on here , it's just that I thought I'd try to reassure those who are newly out of hospital and worrying about what the future may hold - it's quite natural to think that you're going to contract this awful illness again , I certainly thought so . My circumstances will be different to many in that I was disabled when I contracted sepsis so my recovery time will have been longer , I could walk a few steps beforehand but when I was discharged from Paisley I had to spend time learning how to walk again as my muscles had deteriorated quite badly - I then contracted pneumonia after 4 days at home so back to hospital I went , this time for three weeks . One positive to come from three months lying on a hospital bed was the sciatica in my left leg was cured , before the sepsis struck I wasn't able to drive our car any more due to the severe pain in my hip and leg , now I can drive once more albeit relatively short distances but at least I don't feel trapped in my own home any more . I say a little ' Thank You ' each night before going to bed - Five years ago my Family were told to prepare for my death but I'm still here , and that is thanks to the brilliant Doctors , Nurses and Auxiliaries who work tirelessly in every hospital across Britain , heroes each and every one .
  8. Good Morning Everyone , Just looked at today's date and saw it was five years to the day when I went down with sepsis . After spending over 3 months at The Royal Alexandra Hospital , Paisley and our local hospital here on Skye it took me nearly a year to recover from the physical aspects , the mental side of my illness is still there otherwise I wouldn't be writing on here today . In fact my only strategy of recovery from the mental side of my sepsis was writing , I'd write on every forum I belonged to , I became a bit of a sepsis bore I am sure but it was my way of coping and also informing those around me who had never heard of sepsis . For those of you just out of hospital I would say this - Stop Worrying - Get as Much Exercise As You Can - Get As Much Rest As You Can and Eat Well , You Are A Survivor . I remember when I was in Hospital my son asking my Consultant whether I'd contract sepsis again - he replied ' No ' of course - however there are varying degrees of sepsis - I was treated for sepsis only last year again - a gallstone had got stuck in my ampula and I'd turned a nice shade of yellow - The Doctors didn't know this at the time of course and I was immediately treated for sepsis - my treatment went on for nine days . I felt fine throughout . I had my gallbladder removed 6 months later . My 2012/2013 sepsis put me on a Life Support Machine for just under 3 weeks , my sole kidney and my lungs failed here on Skye and I was flown to Paisley as it was snowing in Inverness - after a few days I suffered cardiac arrest , my wife was informed I had died at one point then told I'd ' come back ' , the poor thing had gone home to Skye for a clean set of clothing when she heard this news , she just turned the car round and drove back to Paisley . I wasn't told this story until I was back home and well . The Doctors never did find out what had caused my original sepsis , I have a few suspicions but that's all they are . Five years later I still think about my time in Hospital , the fantastic Staff that saved my life and cared for me afterwards , I think about how lucky I am but I still try to get on with my Life - I no longer work due to a disability , I had a spinal operation in 2011 and can only walk short distances Sepsis was just something I had to get through , it needn't spoil the rest of your time on this earth - Stay Strong Everyone .
  9. Hi Jules , Your experiences of sepsis are very similar to my own , I suffered multiple organ failure , my heart stopped for long enough for the ICU Nurse to phone my wife to tell her I'd passed away then while they were talking I returned to life - after a total of 3 months in hospital [ I also contracted pneumonia and needed dialysis ] I had to leatrn to walk again . I also have painful hips but that's because I have had a spinal problem since 2011 - I'm not great at walking any more and I do tend to sit down a lot - I would urge you to seek Doctor's advice about your swollen leg - it won't be anything connected to your sepsis but it will need looking at , quickly . Good luck and report back . Peter .
  10. Hi Eddie [ and Everyone else ] - I was treated for sepsis again back in November 2016 though this was nothing like my 2012/2013 episode - My terror dreams involved being restrained , kept prisoner , being drugged and sexually assaulted . When I was eventually transferred to a room of my own in Ward 1 of the Royal Alexandra , Paisley I asked my Consultant whether my sepsis could have been as a result of this assault ! I was so ashamed of this experience that I couldn't tell my wife about it until I came home from hospital . The reality of it was I needed to be restrained by two nurses as I was pulling out the tubes keeping me alive - I was probably given an enema or something to help me go to the toilet [ hence the sexual assault dream ] - the thing is these dreams are nothing like ordinary dreams , we live them like they were reality - there was a lot more to my dreaming that I won't bother or bore you with now , but they affected me badly when I returned home - I eventually agreed to see a psychologist but she didn't help me at all , how can someone prevent you from recalling a nightmare ? Only time and writing down my experiences helped me - I wrote them down on a football forum , even to Ebay members I had bought items from [ they must have thought I was a real weirdo ] . Whilst on the Life Support Machine I ' died ' long enough for the ICU Nurse to phone my wife to tell her I'd passed away only for my heart to re-start [ either by itself or by defibrillator - I honestly don't know ] as a result upon returning home I thought about dying and death a lot , I had guilty thoughts about surviving - I worry about things now , and even when I stop worrying I move on to another worry , all this happens before I'm about to drop off to sleep so I lay awake a lot . I can't cope very well with every day problems either when before I could . Still alive though .
  11. Hi Everyone , Didn't see this thread until today and have posted elsewhere about my experiences of post sepsis syndrome but I'll share them anyway . Most of my problems post sepsis were psychological once I had learnt to walk again and that involved flash backs to my ' fever/terror ' dreams I experienced whilst on the Life Support Machine and the realisation of how close I had come to death . My lungs and sole kidney failed at our local hospital here on Skye - I was put into an induced coma , wrapped in some sort of tent and flown to Paisley . After a week or on the Life Support Machine my wife had gone home to Skye to fetch a clean set of clothing , she had crossed the Skye Bridge at around midnight when her phone rang , it was the ICU Nurse informing her of my death - ' I'm afraid Peter passed away a few moments ago ' went the conversation - she continued to console my wife then blurted out ' Hold on he's back with us !! ' - to this day I don't know whether the Doctors continued to administer the defibrillator or my heart re-started of its own accord . My wife's initial thoughts were that the ICU Nurse was lying until she could return to Paisley , a 5 hour + drive from Skye but no the Nurse insisted I was alive once more . I was in hospital for a total of 3 months - I left Paisley after a 2 month stay but contracted pneumonia upon coming home after a 12 day stay at our local hospital . My wife didn't tell me of my cardiac arrest until I'd been home 3 months . My main problem were the terror / fever dreams I had experienced - to cut a long dream short , I was kidnapped and held hostage by around 6 peoiple , two of them black women - I was sexually assaulted and drugged then tied up . The dream involved me escaping then being re-captured and being held prisoner in some form of basement . I thought I had worms going down my throat and a fish taped to my forehead ! I also experienced seeing flowers with faces hovering above other patients' beds and when a man turned to me in the next bed his face was that of a scarecrow - Another dream involved Chinese officials coming to our house telling us we no longer owned it and ordering us to leave - all very strange I know . In reality I had been struggling with nurses and had pulled out the tube that was keeping me alive thinking they were worms , - I was a bit of a nuisance and needed restraining [ hence the assault dream ] , however I didn't discover this until my wife told me months later . It was the dream experience that played on my mind upon returning home - certain films would remind me and although it seems silly looking back 4 years later the whole thing really bothered me - I was thinking of death every day - I also felt guilty about having survived [ a weird feeling in itself ] . This went on for months until eventually I plucked up the courage ' to see someone ' - I was told by my GP that it would be someone local but when the letter arrived from the Mental Hospital in Inverness I cancelled the meeting not wanting to be labelled as a ' mental patient ' [ my dream also involved being sectioned by my GP ] . However after 18 months I agreed to see a Psychologist . I saw her on three occasions and while she was very pleasant I really didn't see how she was going to be of any help and told her I was coping . What I did find that helped me was writing down my experiences - I found myself telling folk on the football forum I belong to what had happened to me - even Ebay folk I bought stuff off [ I must have appeared as a total weirdo ] and now here . It was my way of dealing with it and I found it cathartic . I self analyzed I guessed . My self esteem certainly took a hit - didn't realise it was part of post sepsis syndrome - I also can't sleep over worrying about things and if I stop worrying about something I'll move on to the next thing to worry about - I cannot deal with some every day problems , I'm reliant on my wife to solve them for me when in the past I'd have coped easily - for instance I was suppose to talk with a pensions adviser this morning and couldn't face him on the phone - it's as if I want a ' magic fairy ' to help me out each time and come back saying everything has been dealt with - I cannot seem to cope with responsibility . Is this normal ?? I always thought it could be the strong opiates I take for my back problem and of course it could be - it could be post sepsis syndrome though . There is certainly a need for more research into ' Post Sepsis Syndrome ' , more of an understanding of patients who survive .
  12. I went through the usual procedure , ICU to HDU then to a room of my own in Ward 1 [ Royal Alexandra , Paisley ] - I was so convinced the sepsis had happened because I had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted [ my vivid terror dreams ] I went and told my Consultant ! He advised me to go to the police when I got home - then the following day another Doctor came to see me and asked if there was a chance I had dreamed all this - I went through a timeline of recent events , I could remember Bonfire Night [ my sepsis occured in December ] and realised it must have all been a horrible dream - but to be so convinced it had been reality while being out of ICU and HDU it only goes to show how ' realistic ' these terror / fever dreams can be . In November 2016 I was treated for sepsis again - this time as a result of pancreatitis - however it was a walk in the park compared to 2012/2013 - just felt normal but had to have 4 doses of Tazocin each day for 9 days . No side effects I can think of . Septic Shock and sepsis are two different things I have discovered .
  13. Dear Mark , Thank you for your kind words . I haven't heard anything from Raigmore as of yet concerning the operation on my gallbladder but in the meantime I am being given a Dexa Scan to ascertain how my bones have been affected since my spinal op in 2011 . When I complained of that long lasting ' mild flu symptoms ' an appointment was made for me to see a Specialist but before the appointment came through I fell ill with gallbladder / liver problems then upon discharge I was seen by the Specialist [ hope you're following this ! ] who asked me whether I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis [ I told her ' No ' ] so she is investigating this matter - It's not as if I'm not getting my fair share of NHS attention !
  14. Dear Polly , As you will have guessed from my ' immune system ' thread , I fall into the same category as yourself . I contracted sepsis in December 2012 and was very lucky to survive [ I suffered multiple organ failure including my heart ] - I was in hospital for a total of 3 months as I contracted pneumonia 4 days after returning home . In October 2016 I began feeling just slightly unwell , I felt as if I had mild flu , but I also had low blood pressure and a high temperature - now if I could think I had the beginnings of sepsis then why couldn't the two Doctors I attended ? I went back 5 times until the day arrived when I had severe pains and turned yellow from jaundice - I was sent to hospital immediately and treated for ' inter abdominal sepsis ' but was also told I had panreas/gallbladder and liver problems which I later discovered was caused by a blockage in my ' ampula ' [ probably a stone from my gallbladder ] . Now of course it could have transpired that I didn't have sepsis when I first went to our GP , I may not have had it the second time but there were symptoms of sepsis which I did point out to them -
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