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  1. Thanks to those who have responded. I am humbled by the fact that people who are very clearly in a very emotional state themselves can take the time to try and comfort me. I just wish there was more we could all do for each other. My life is on hold. I know grief gets softer and normality starts to return after a while but the feeling of sorrow for what my beautiful wife will never see,hear or experience again just hurts. SAB85 I am so sorry to hear about your awful experience and hope the love of your children can help you get through this. I cannot begin to think how you have found the strength to carry on but I am glad you have as it would be what your husband would want. These wasted life's must stand for something in the fight to get this terrible illness recognised as the killer it is. Stay strong.
  2. I am new to the site and hope by sharing my story it helps me come to terms with the loss of my wife to this dreadful illness. We had been married for 11 years and together for 21years. Sue was the most wonderful person who thought of others more than herself. We travelled the world together having retired early to do so. We stopped last year so she could spend some time with her elderly mother and I took a twelve month contract working at my previous employment. Sue got a cold and a cough in January this year the cough lingered but disappeared about mid February when we had a lovely Valentines dinner at our home with some close friends. The following Monday the cough returned that was the 15th Fuebruary. My wife was not one for running to the Doctors all the time but I did encourage her to see someone but as usual she was always more worried about me or her elderly mother. On Thursday the 26th February I convinced her she needed to see someone about her cough she was otherwise well going to the gym for Zumba and driving miles back and forth to her mothers in the North East. The nurse she saw at the walk in centre she visited sounded her chest, heart and took her blood pressure and assured her she had back to back colds and the cough would clear up on its own. I arrived back from working away on the Friday and she happily told me she was fine it was just a cold and would clear up. So we dealt with it like a cold she had a hot toddy some night nurse and went off to bed. Saturday was more of the same other than she just said the cough was getting her down. She went off to bed Saturday night to get some sleep early and was awake about two in the morning I asked if she needed anything she said again it was just the cough keeping her awake. At 0500 hrs she woke me up and said she thought she needed to be taken to hospital which I did immediately. They straight away put her into a coma as she was struggling to breathe and her voice had gone funny. Sue died at lunchtime on the Sunday there was nothing they could do for her. No goodbyes, no kiss, no way of knowing if she was aware of what was happening. She did not respond to anti bio tics and they could not keep her blood pressure up. I was told she had died from community based pneumonia which led to sepsis and they her fitness had masked the symptoms even to a medical professional. I am devastated she had so much to live for and did not want to die or deserve to all I can do is urge others not to take chances with symptoms which are ongoing. I have read some of the other sad stories on here and this disease must be treated seriously as a killer and notice there is growing awareness in the media but not nearly enough. None of it will bring my wife back but it might just prevent others from suffering the pain I am going through. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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