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  1. Hi William, my condolences for your loss. There are no words to describe the pain and suffering of loosing your loved one. I lost my fiancee 12 weeks ago to sepsis. He dropped me to work feeling under the weather with a fever and feeling sick, a bit of a cough nothing more. He was home with the four children all day and when I returned 12 hours later from my shift i found him very sick, unconscious and in septic shock in bed. Everything from that point onwards is nothing short of a nightmare I wish each day to wake up from. The shock; devastation and heartbreak is overwhelming. Every day is empty for me now and I struggle to come to terms with how something can attack a healthy man of 44 so quickly and viciously to the point of no return. Sepsis is a very dangerous illness and one that without early recognition and treatment leaves complete devastation. My fiancee also was found to have undiagnosed pneumonia which lead to the sepsis and septic shock when his body could no longer cope. Awareness of the early signs is key to sepsis prevention and early treatment! The care my loved one received was excellent and I can not fault their efforts to save him it was just to late to reverse the damage. All I can do now is focus on caring for the children and ensuring their wellbeing as he would have wanted. I to will continue to raise awareness of this potentially fatal illness.
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