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    Recovery period

    Thanks to all of you for your advice and support. I really appreciate your kind words. You all seem so positive and that is something I continue to struggle with. While I am grateful for the recovery I have made to date, I am still feeling a lot of anger and frustration. This year has been like a wild roller coaster both physically and emotionally. For not only myself but my family as well. Thanks again for your support!
  2. Rww

    Recovery period

    Thanks Bob for your response. Very much appreciated! Can I ask at what point in the recovery that you plateaued and stopped improving? Interesting about the swimming. I will try it and see if it causes any issues. I am trying to stay positive but it has been an extremely difficult year . But I do appreciate how fortunate I am as I know it could have been much worse. You are correct in saying that it ravages the body. It's been a struggle and I happy to have progressed to where I'm at as I never thought it would happen. But like others who have suffered from this terrible illness I long for the day I'm 100% and can only hope and pray I get there. Thanks again for your response!
  3. Hello all. This is my first time posting. My apologies in advance if the post is too long. While I do not know anyone in this forum, I feel a special bond with each of you. I have read most of the posts and this site has given me peace of mind numerous times over the course of the year. I came down with pneumonia and sepsis in January of this year. I was very fortunate that the infection wasn't more severe than it was. That said the illness really took its toll on me both physically and emotionally. I was only in the hospital for one day and never admitted. Remarkably they did not tell me that the infection had gone into my bloodstream. I only learned of this during my follow up with my gp who then advised me how sick I was. In the beginning I dealt mainly with the typical pneumonia symptoms. I was extremely tired and breathing was very bad. I couldn't walk more than a few steps without getting winded. Even talking was difficult and would cause me to lose my breath. One month in, the infection cleared for the most part and all the blood work was back to normal. The organs were never damaged fortunately and I was investigated very thoroughly. By April my breathing was much better though not yet 100%. Eventually my breathing returned to normal and the lung specialist confirmed no permanent damage. Once my breathing was somewhat better and I began to be more physical, the roller coaster ride began. I experienced numerous physical symptoms virtually throughout my entire body. It was very troublesome for me as I never experienced these symptoms at the start or perhaps I didn't notice because my breathing was so bad. In any event, the first symptom I noticed was a sensation in the upper part of both legs and arms. It felt funny. I have difficulty explaining it. Almost like my extremities were not getting enough oxygen. And I would feel extremely weak at times to the point where I couldn't stand. This would come and go for a few months. On top of that I would have burning in my legs and arms. In the arms the burning was always in the same spot. The upper arms. In the legs this burning would migrate - thighs, calfs , and hamstring. Always bilateral and equal intensity. I also developed pain and burning in mid back , shoulder blades and neck. This would come and go as well. I would also have extreme fatigue in the upper body muscles to the point where I could not even text on my cell phone for example. I also had a warm feeling throughout upper body and I would generally feel warm no matter the temperature. This feeling would intensify to the point where I would feel naseaous if I was in the sun for more than 10 minutes. I also had intense pressure in the chest and upper back like I was in a vice. I assume that was from the pneumonia. In May, I started noticing a sensation in my hands and feet. Hard to describe. Like there was powder in them. At night I would wear socks on feet and hands as it somehow alleviated it. This went away after a month. I also had appetite issues. And psychological issues. Still going for counselling . In addition i experienced anxiety. I was very active before my illness. I am 44. I would run and do weights among other things. My diet was very good as well. I was very active with my 2 young children . Always non stop. Most of my symptoms have resolved thank God. All of the issues in the upper body cleared over time. I have returned to the gym and my strength is just about back to where it was. I have been walking throughout. In the early days I started out walking 50 feet. Now I comfortably walk 4-5km and I do a light 1km jog in the middle. I'm still having issues with my legs. Pain/discomfort and burning. It migrates . Sometimes calf area. Sometimes thigh and or hamstring. I can walk through it but very uncomfortable. It goes away when I lay down and usually when sitting but not always. I always have it somewhere when standing or walking etc . It migrates all the time. When my upper body was bad, it seemed like my legs were really good. When my upper body resolved my legs seemed to flare. Can anyone comment on this type of migrating pain. I don't understand why it does that and why symptoms would constantly come and go throughout the recovery. It gave me incredible anxiety. In addition can anyone comment on recovery periods. I'm concerned about the legs becoming chronic. I would like to hear from others who continued to recover 10-12 months out and beyond . This would give me some peace of mind if I knew that the body continues to heal even after 9 months etc. Also have others experienced anything similar where new symptoms pop up several months afterwards ? This seems odd to me but I experienced it firsthand. I've noticed that others have issues with their legs. Is there a reason why it seems to target the legs?? God bless all of you!
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