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  1. Nothing on here to say you've had any replies so far sweetie, it is a terrible feeling that you have had such a loss, I can't help you with such tragedy other than to say one in four ladies lose a baby, shocking and painful. Sepsis then, is just the underlying devil of life that is so underestimated and people are not informed enough. I am sure the sepsis trust people will be in touch, but from me, you are not alone, it is an unkind and cruel disease. I am a newbie, unable to offer expert advice, only my thoughts and sadness for your loss. If you need to off load, I have four kids and six grandkids, I have been in the military and the police, seen so much, but still feel terrible about how devastating sepsis effects so many people. My kindest and most sincere regards to you and your family. Brian G
  2. Great poem Mark, some of which I can relate to, especially X Rays, Scans, Dye filled Scans, drifting in and out of the world, the dreadful pain and the fleeting faces of staff and visitors, so much a blur at times. This site, the definition of sepsis and recovery has been very helpful over the past few days; it has given my family and friends an insight into the severity of this illness and with it, a talking point between them about the importance of keeping it to mind when somebody falls ill. The word is already spreading from my single experience, so it has been worthwhile. Thanks again Mark.
  3. Hi, I am brand new to this site. I have joined as I was both interested in others experiences and also to bring to light my personal battle, which may be important to others falling ill. About three years ago I cut myself on a small shard of tile whilst helping my son fitting a kitchen, it bled heavily, but it was small and healed within a few days. Several weeks later, my wife and I were on holiday, walking in the middle of the Yorkshire dales when all of a sudden I became breathless and confused. I had to work desperately hard to get back to base and my condition worsened by the hour. Without knowing what was wrong, my wife and I drove back to Lincolnshire, where shortly after arrival I attended hospital A & E, by which time I was shaking, vomiting and unable to think straight. The staff recognised the indications and I was admitted and treated for sepsis. After several days I made a full recovery without complication. Had we known of the risk, in hind sight, I am sure we would have gone to the nearest hospital or even called and ambulance, but i was fortunate. Recently on 11th September 2016 I woke in the night with stomach cramps and breathlessness, I was pouring with sweat and generally felt unwell. My wife, recognising the potential for sepsis called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital where I had a blood test and was released in the morning with a suspected virus? 48 Hours later, my condition had deteriorated, my left shoulder, ribs and stomach were agony, I was confused, had a temperature and was shaking, so we went back to A & E where I was admitted for tests. I had a saline attached for rehydration and generally was left in limbo until my wife demanded I be looked at for sepsis and other complications. The staff responded by treating me for sepsis and a potential pulmonary embolism, I had days of agony, loss of consciousness, temperatures over 40 degrees and bright red blood in my urine. After ten days I had improved enough to be released. I am an optimist and generally a fit strong chap, I am 58 years old. I have been home for less than a week, my knees and ankles are extremely painful, I struggle to walk and I am easily tired at this time, but I am determined to make improvements day by day, whilst following my bodies messages to take it easy too. I have a message to spread from my experience, to be spread as wide as possible, by whatever means: If you become unwell all of a sudden, experience pains, breathlessness and other symptoms, get help as soon as possible, don't wait for people to dither, either push it yourself or ask someone on your behalf, it could save you from permanent disability or death. I am convinced that had my wife not kicked up a stink I may have been another statistic. Good luck to all who have survived this horrific illness, my condolences to those who have lost loved ones, may you all spread the word, because I will, even if it saves just one life.
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