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  1. Hi Mark Thanks for replying. Sorry I haven't responded sooner, half term got in the way and I am still recovering from 2 energetic boys being home with me!! Thanks for your advice on lotions and potions will be getting them in to try. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I have just joined the forum after finding the website recently. I am a survivor of sepsis which only on reading the website did I realise precisely how serious it is. My story starts in early December 2015 when I was admitted to my local hospital for IV steroids for ulcerative colitis. In the days, weeks and months that followed a lot happened...a perforated bowel which was left to heal itself, abdominal assess which ruptured meaning emergency laporotomy on New Year's Day, masses of antibiotics to help with the infection and the perforated bowel, wound came undone due to steroids, I requested to be transferred to specialist bowel hospital in London who eventually removed my bowel and created an illeostomy, again the staples came undone and they left it to heal by itself - it was so big the nurses could fit their fists in it, 2 further operations for surgeons:plastics to clean wound and do possible skin grafts, then came sepsis where I spent a week in HDU - the hospital staff didn't recognise the symptoms I was displaying despite numerous discussions my concerned hubby had with them, it took a fellow patient to get the ward discharge co-ordinator on it before anything was done. A week later I was out of HDU but still my story doesn't end as I ended up with a whole body rash that no one could explain so had dermatologists and infectious disease doctors coming and going until I was eventually sorted and able to go home after 7months. Now nearly a year since my ordeal started I am on the mend and have more surgery to come and am living with some of the after affects of sepsis. If anyone is able to help me with the following I would love to hear from you.... 1. Am I at greater risk of getting sepsis again? 2. Any tips for dry skin, currently having to use baby products and bio oil as I seem to be allergic to everything now? 3. My hair is now curly (was straight) and falling out. Any tips on keeping scalp moist as very dry? I have lost hair at front but can see new growth. Thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone I have just joined following an internet search for advice/tips and hints on managing life after sepsis. My story started in early December last year with me being admitted for IV steroids. Over the next 6 months I went through...a perforated bowel (left to heal itself), laparotomy to remove abscess & 300ml of pus and found my appendix had disappeared, transfer to specialist bowel hospital who eventually removed my large bowel and created an illeosyomy, my wound dehisced and was left to heal by itself, 2 minor operations for debridement/possible plastic surgery on wound and then sepsis for which I spent a week in HDU. My family tried to get the doctors to listen to their concerns a week before sepsis diagnosis but it was only when a fellow patient got the ward admin involved that a gaggle of doctors arrived at my bedside because I was seeing rabbits on the ward!! I was finally discharged at the end of June not able to walk and with an open wound measuring 18cm x 10cm and several allergies/sensitivities which I didn't have before. I currently suffer from a few things which on reading forum posts are likely to be due to sepsis and the amount of drugs I have had. I wondered if anyone had any tips for managing them, here goes.... Hair/scalp Scalp very dry and flakey. Hair is now curly when it was straight. Hair still falling out but new hair is growing. I try not to brush and wash it that much, any other things I could try? Skin/itching Skin itches mainly at night and I end up taking hospital prescribed anti-itching pills for when I can't cope. Rest of skin also dry but I am very sensitive to creams/sprays - the district nurses can't even use barrier sprays as I am now allergic (wasn't before sepsis) - I am the first patient they have come across like this. Any ideas? I have more major surgery to come once wound has healed and am concerned of it all happening again. Is there any evidence that if you have had sepsis once you are more likely to get it again? Sorry for the long post but it feels a lot better writing it all down. Have a great weekend.
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