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  1. Hi Anne, sorry to hear that you are having trouble trying to get better, It will take some time, firstly you will be fearful, when you have a near death experience it is always on your mine, two you have young kiddies and this will make you worry more! I have had the same symptoms that you are going through, palpitations, sweats etc, it's all part of the process, Fearfulness is a terrible thing to be going through, may I suggest that you go to see your Doctor, tell him/her how you feel, they will suggest some counselling, I took this option and I have to say I felt and feel so much better, they show you how to think differently! I still keep antibiotics in my cupboard (just in case), I drink Camomile tea to relax me before I go to bed (helps with palpitations) and I stated taking Cilantro tabs, it helps to combat infections!! So far this has all helped me!! I hope I have given you some helpful information, and I hope you find a solution that will work for you, don't give up, you will overcome this!! sending love & peace Polly x
  2. Hi David, I agree with you, with such press about Sepsis and how to spot the symptoms, there is not enough back up for people who survive! And the medical profession these days only seem to treat one symptom, they don't look at the cause! I am not knocking Doctors, they do a great job, but I think Sepsis is in a league of it's own! I now keep spare antibiotics in my handbag and first aid kit, I'm also, trying to cure myself holistically, I must be doing something right because everyone around me has been ill over Christmas and I was ok?? Albeit, I don't want to speak too soon!! Lol I wish you well, and keep up the good work Pollypockets
  3. Hi Skyehammer So sorry to hear that you've had a relapse, sounds quite serious! Glad you got the right treatment. Wishing you well with your opp!! Enjoy your Christmas Dinner, Pollypockets
  4. Hi Skyehammer Sounds like Post sepsis syndrome, as a sepsis sufferer you may still have sepsis markers in your blood, for some reason the medical profession don't always pick up on this, I have had to explain all this to my own Doctor & Dentist, they don't understand how PSS works! I'm glad your wife is home & well, have a look at post sepsis syndrome on the Sepsis uk site, also, I found looking at the symptoms or SIRS very helpful, Stay well Pollypockets
  5. Hi Mark, Debbie & Red Squirrel Thank you for your input, (much appreciated) glad to know I am not alone!! I have since had some literature sent to me from Sepsis UK, I have taken leaflets to my Doctors & Dentist, I have also posted them on the boards of a few supermarkets!! I like you all am trying to spread the word of PSS, as it is not taken seriously! I am still waiting for my blood results from A&E so I can have my medical records changed! I will keep site up-dated as to what happens next!! I will keep up the good fight along with you all!! Pollypockets
  6. Hi All, has anyone else who survived Sepsis had relapses, where you get an infection then end up in A & E on a drip of Antibiotics & fluids, or is it just me? My story :- I am a survivor of sepsis which was caused through not being able to get a dentist while on a wk-end away on the IOW last October, when I did see one 2 days later, he gave me such strong antibiotics that it turned into sepsis, my body could not cope with the infection, luckily for me I have a sister who is a nurse, (we stopped of at her house on the way back home) she took one look at me and took me to Bournemouth A&E, I was immediately put on a drip of antibiotics & fluids, I was transferred to Poole hospital to carry on my treatment and have the offending tooth out, I was in Hospital for 5 days, a year later I am still suffering, I had an UTI in April, I was in hospital within 8 hours of feeling ill, Just a few days ago I had a throat infection, I was in hospital again within 8 hours! I found this experience was hard, all they wanted to look at was my throat, they were not listening when I said I was post sepsis, they had never heard of it, yet it is in my medical notes!! Each time I get an infection my heart goes into tachycardia, 184 beats a Minuit, (I get all they symptoms of SIRS), I can not slow it down with breathing techniques, now that is scary!! I went to my Doctor's yesterday to go through my results from my recent admission to A & E, she said I had a throat infection, to say I was stunned was an understatement, I had all the symptoms of SIRS, (Systemic inflammatory response syndrome)! I have written to PALS to get my blood test results as I know I would have had sepsis markers! I feel that no-one in the medical profession understands post sepsis syndrome and I am fighting against the flow of a river of ignorance!! Am I the only one who feels this way? Sorry to go on, I would love to hear from anyone else who is or has had the same experience!! Love this site, Glad to be still here and god bless those who lost there fight!!
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