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  1. I am currently off work due to sepsis, septic shock and late miscarriage and ARDS, I have been off work for 2 months, my white blood count is still high, my iron levels are low and I just 'don't feel right'. that's physically without even looking at the emotional side- I think work will always be there- we just need time. One thing I find is that my lungs feel 'tired'- I don't quite know how else to put it...its like laboured im just slowly trying to build myself up-I think you have to be kind to yourself- think about how you would treat a co-worker with this
  2. Thanks for the advice- I have acted on it and am attending an information session in two weeks to find out what therapy would be most helpful. already glad I acted on it
  3. Thanks Isabel, im not a sick person generally I am already dreading ringing up the docs to extend my sicknote that's how wound up I get, but will ask for some help as I feel it has profoundly affected me x thanks for the info
  4. Hi everyone Can't believe I am posting this, but feel like I need to off load a bit I am 32 years old, was completely healthy, went on holiday lost my unborn child to sepsis-went in to septic shock and almost died myself from ARDS. I was in ICU for a week, the staff really cared for me, but I am struggling to come to terms with any of it, its something that I will discuss with my doctor but I am suffering from fatigue, bereavement. I am burying my baby tomorrow, I was 18 weeks pregnant and after 2 previous miscarriages it is utterly devastated us. I know I am lucky, I know how poorly
  5. Has anyone accessed any therapy via the NHS ? was it helpful?
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