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  1. My mum died on October 17th-we have the funeral on Monday. She had a small wound on her finger which led to sepsis and she deteriorated very quickly-NHS 111 said she wasn't poorly enough to send an ambulance to but she was immobile because she was in such terrible pain. After she had waited all day for a doctor to come out, I called and demanded an ambulance. She had underlying medical conditions-arthritis, diabetes and a heart condition. She had been through so much including beating breast cancer 10 years ago. She was admitted to hospital on October 16th and died less than 24 hours later. A few hours before her death, she had her finger amputated but it was too late. I wish we had known the symptoms because she displayed all the signs of sepsis-confusion, slurred speech, saying she wanted to die because of the awful pain. She was the centre of our world-my dad, my brother and sister and her 7 grandchildren are all lost without her. She had been a children's nurse and a midwife and ran SCBU for many years so there are many many babies who survived because of her care-it's just so sad that she died of this preventable illness.
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