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  1. Hi Amber - thanks for sharing your experiences - horrendous as they are I haven't suffered PSS myself but there are many posts on here from those in similar circumstances. Here's just one thread - see here for some more information As a healthcare professional you will know that life changing events can have a massive impact on one's physical and mental capacity to "manage" the situation - and professional support and advice can help those in need. The Forum is a great place to understand that you are not alone and the Trust provide a free helpline to discuss on a 1 to 1 basis with one of their trained nurses. Give them a call on 0808 800 0029 Post back here any time I'm sure you've had a massive impact on many peoples lives in your career and seen positive outcomes from critical situations. All is not lost - just get the support you need and take each day as it's given Take care and sending you support and wishes M
  2. Hi there - thanks for sharing your story You will find lots of support on this Forum - and people who have been through similar situations - near death sepsis is close to my story too Lots of ways to get more help - here's a few - if you haven't already 1 - Speak to someone at the Sepsis Trust - Call 0808 800 0029. They have trained clinicians and support staff 2 - If you prefer - drop a note into them via their page here 3 - Speak to you GP. Tell them your concerns and ask them what help they can provide in the community - medical and non medical. 4 - Support Groups - Not sure where you are but there are a number of Sepsis support groups around the UK. Have a look at the page here and see if there is one local And of course - read through the Forum here. It's sometimes comforting to know you're not alone and others in similar situations, will understand. Do let us know how you get on and keep in touch Wishes - Mark
  3. Uplifting but heat-breaking Have a look at some of the sketches Gary has drawn to record his grief and his recovery If you're quick - you can catch up on the interview on BBC 5 Live this morning 28/04/2018 - starting at around the 2:20 mark
  4. Knowing is half the battle. Hope you can move forward and maybe share more if your progress. Mark
  5. Another year on and another push to raise awareness across the UK - and across the World My amazing son, some of his best friends and many other dedicated supporters are again riding #C4S17 this year to raise awareness for The UK Sepsis Trust. So much has happened since #C4S16 and the public news feeds and social media platforms show what a life saving difference the charity have made in the last 12 months alone. This year's event takes place on 2nd and 3rd September 2017 and this will be the 4th year the guys and girls have dedicated their time to getting road fit and cycle ready for the big weekend. All my hats are off to them and I feel humbled by their support. The route this year will be Midlands based with the finale in central Birmingham on Sunday 3rd. More details of the route will be posted soon - watch out for a route twist this year!! Please support the team and the charity. There are lots of events and riders so if you want to support TeamSollis17 - and who wouldn't - then you can go straight to their JustGiving page and donate via the site or via text Thanks for your support - come and join us on Sunday 3rd and along with me, shake their hand and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for an amazing job well done. Mark Sollis (Father, Husband and Friend to many - saved by "Awareness" in 2008) C4S16 There are many events throughout the year, which help The UK Sepsis Trust raise awareness of this condition.So many lives have been saved because the public and professional leaders in the industry are now more aware and understand the signs and symptoms of Sepsis. Fortunately I survived through great medical care but there is still a lot to do If you are running an event or taking part in #C4S17, then post the details here on the Forum and let everyone know what you are doing - and why.
  6. Welcome Hamrock - and good to hear this Forum has helped in your search for knowledge about Sepsis.
  7. Hi Rose Thanks for sharing your story and your road to recovery - it shows how this happens in small steps and not always leaps and bounds I do hope you have a good support network and glad you came here - hope the Forum can help you continue moving forward. Mark
  8. Hi Nigel Great to have you here. Feel free to add your story and share your experiences and concerns. Have a look through the topics on here and where you feel comfortable posting - maybe in sepsis survivors or in stories As you've started here - why not add your story as a reply below. There's a lot of support available if you need. Regards Mark
  9. Just to add to the "dream" theme - I think I must have at least one book's worth in my memory locker. Possibly due to the 9 weeks of coma - so maybe the timeline allowed "more" than my fair share of dreamworld living. I think I went chronologically from 1920 -ish to 2050 - so plenty of material there! From reading all the posts on here I (again) seem to have not to have had such an horrendous time under the influence - but some were harrowing - including 2 episodes (chapters?) of assault and being "loaned" out of a night time to unscrupulous film makers.(which obviously "explained" why I was always run-down every day). But this was offset by some very weird 70s style Playboy / lighthearted view of the film industry as well. Thankfully (mostly) all comical now in retrospect - but like everyone here - it's been a long road to realise the non-reality of the situations I found myself living in and I understand how more horrific nightmares / terrors can leave mental scars and how we all really "lived" those times - and still do... For all of you still reliving those moments, I feel for you as I felt the same way for many years. What I found though - as with any dream - they do fade over time. So keep focusing on the living moments, the " now" - and see the past for what it was. A moment in time that was "unreal" - and just part of the battle you are now winning. Maybe one day there will be a book or two in Amazon with our collective experiences. But who would believe the fantasies we had were our life for a short while!!? Who would believe in personal flying "saucers" that followed us wherever we went and carried drinks and stuff and provided shade in the sun? Oh yeah - I think they are called drones now .... No such thing in 2008 ... Stay safe and look forward. There's a reason why the rear view mirror is smaller than the windscreen M
  10. Hi Tammy - thanks for posting and sharing From the posts and stories on here you will see the healing process can be a long journey and there is no quick fix. It's when looking back you will probably find how much you have actually improved - day by day, month by month - and its these small steps we all take on the road to recovery. I hope you have family and friends that can provide support and help when times are low but you have a whole "family" here who understand some of the struggles you are probably going through, post sepsis. Come back and share more when you need and if you have any questions, I hope we can help Mark
  11. Hi Mand Thanks for joining the group and for posting - I know it must be a worrying time coming out of hospital after having Sepsis Can I suggest you contact the Trust on their freephone number. They are a fantastic resource and have staff on hand who can talk with you and provide the support and assistance you need - without typing. Please give them a call on 0800 389 6255 Take care Mark
  12. Hi Principessa Hope I can guide you a little and you've done all the right things to helpi yourself and your partner so far. There's seems to be so much going on in both your lives - it will be emotionally difficult for many reasons. Not least the trauma of the situation you are both in and relationships can be tough at the best of times. If you haven't already, do call the Trust on the above number. You need lots of support and they can help and advise - they are a fantastic and dedicated team and will be able to help I'm sure. Please also come back and get the support of the people here. We are all in similar situations and want to make sure of the best outcomes from this horrific condition Take care M
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