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  1. Hi Scott - a massive blow indeed - and you made it!! Seems the sequence of those events matched my own - and many others I'm sure Welcome to the other side and thanks for sharing here on the Forum Step by step ... M
  2. Hi Amber - thanks for sharing your experiences - horrendous as they are I haven't suffered PSS myself but there are many posts on here from those in similar circumstances. Here's just one thread - see here for some more information As a healthcare professional you will know that life changing events can have a massive impact on one's physical and mental capacity to "manage" the situation - and professional support and advice can help those in need. The Forum is a great place to understand that you are not alone and the Trust provide a free helpline to discuss on a 1 to 1 basis with one of their trained nurses. Give them a call on 0808 800 0029 Post back here any time I'm sure you've had a massive impact on many peoples lives in your career and seen positive outcomes from critical situations. All is not lost - just get the support you need and take each day as it's given Take care and sending you support and wishes M
  3. Hi there - thanks for sharing your story You will find lots of support on this Forum - and people who have been through similar situations - near death sepsis is close to my story too Lots of ways to get more help - here's a few - if you haven't already 1 - Speak to someone at the Sepsis Trust - Call 0808 800 0029. They have trained clinicians and support staff 2 - If you prefer - drop a note into them via their page here 3 - Speak to you GP. Tell them your concerns and ask them what help they can provide in the community - medical and non medical. 4 - Support Groups - Not sure where you are but there are a number of Sepsis support groups around the UK. Have a look at the page here and see if there is one local And of course - read through the Forum here. It's sometimes comforting to know you're not alone and others in similar situations, will understand. Do let us know how you get on and keep in touch Wishes - Mark
  4. Uplifting but heat-breaking Have a look at some of the sketches Gary has drawn to record his grief and his recovery If you're quick - you can catch up on the interview on BBC 5 Live this morning 28/04/2018 - starting at around the 2:20 mark
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    Andy and Jayne x www.orangemabel.com
  12. From the album: #C4S17

    Andy and Jayne x www.orangemabel.com
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