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    Mark Sollis reacted to SepsisForum for a blog entry, The #Cycle4Sepsis 2015 Starts Here!   
    So - in case you haven't the noticed the #Sepsis world on social media going mad lately, its because teams all over the country are converging on Westminster to raise awareness of Sepsis
    Some have already started their long journeys with teams from Scotland, Wales and England pedalling hard for the cause
    Hope to keep this min-blog updated as a random record of events and happenings along the way. If you want to add any info, you can add comments and photos etc here or tweet to @sepsisforum and I'll pick up from there.
    We are supporting all riders, their wonderful support teams and all well-wishers but in particular and on this occasion, #TeamSollis will feature here. To start things off - here is just one reason why the team is taking to the long hard road ...

    Use the "follow" button top right to get blog updates!
    If you want to support - feel free to help the cause here https://www.justgiving.com/teamsollis/
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