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  1. Hi Lara, I can totally sympatise with you (apart from child birth). from my experience. get your stress levels down and try to relax when ever you can, i know that's not easy, but you must try. I was the "housekeeper" at home while my wife worked away, but I still had a full time job. I found that the stress exacerbated the PSS. Try taking 30 mins out a day to do some mindfulness or even get on a treadmill and walk for the 30 mins. I'm sure that everyone else will agree. my stomach still acts like a washing machine, but the fatigue and muscle ache has lessened and I'm nearly 2 years on. I've also found, since divorce, that my memory is my better as my stress levels aren't so high. things are still difficult, but i only have the gastro issues now (they have been looked into, but noting found). i find that buscopan and imodium help in the short term, but you really do need to relax. Hope this helps. Mark x
  2. No your not going mad, that's PSS for you. it's taken me nearly 2 years to feel normal-ish... Stress doesn't help, it seems to make it worse.
  3. Yes, but i'm also looking at the correlation of stress and the "cause" of sepsis.
  4. A question for professionals. Are there any UK linked documents linking Sepsis and stress? I've found a USA on, but need UK docs. Anything would help. Thanks!!
  5. I'm 18 months on and still have brain fog and am exhausted. My "wife" is using it as a cause of divorce. The stress doesn't help the PSS...
  6. Has there been any research done into the effects of sepsis on the brain following sepsis.
  7. Does anyone know of any therapists/counsellors in the south/south west with experience with PSS?
  8. Had a chat with a friend just now who is a nurse and trains Doctors and Nurses in Sepsis. Unfortunately she is not trained in post sepsis, which i think is unfortunate. i'm signed off this week and should be going back to work, but i don't think i can do it..... will call the trust in the morning for advice... have too much to do tomorrow now!! ;-)
  9. I have manged to get an IAPT appointment for next week. will let you know how they go!
  10. Thanks Larry, Reading the support and other members experience has made me realise that is most likely to be PSS. On top of the symptoms above i have dry skin on my face and eczema on my feet, that is along with stomach issues associated with the cause of the sepsis. It has been difficult to have periods of rest due to work and family life, 2 kids and a professional wife, so it's me that does the housework and childcare... It wasn't until about 3 weeks ago that I felt completely broken, mentally and physically exhausted! At least now I know I'm not going mad! just have to convince my GP now! Currently been signed of for 1 week, may have to take more. SSRI's upped from 20mg to 30mg..... Regards Mark
  11. I'm think I'm having an issue with post sepsis syndrome. I was sent to hospital in April with what they thought was a UTI. I had a catheter inserted (very painful), was given IV antibiotics and pain relief and had bloods taken. After about 4 hours of waiting on a bed in A&E my temp shot up and i was moved to resus. It wasn't until the next day that they said it was Sepsis. So for 4 days they were looking for and abscess in the urinary tract, but couldn't find anything. I was discharged on day 4 with a bag of antibiotics and that was it. I was not getting any better so i visited my GP who said the abdominal pains I was having were to be expected and was sent home again. A week after being discharged is was still no better and declining again, my wife took me to A&E and I was given more IV antibiotics and sent home.... i felt better for 2 days, but then declined yet again. A visit to a different GP on day 12, and he was more sympathetic and realized that the pains were abdominal and not urinal and prescribed antibiotics for an intra-abdominal abscess. After about 4 more weeks, a CT scan and a Cystoscopy I finally got to see the urologist and as we thought they confirmed no issues in the urinary tract, BUT there were diverticula present, which probably caused the Sepsis (but not confirmed and discharged from hospital care)...... so now we are 8 months on and I finally got a referral to a gastroenterologist, but I am now feeling so tired, lack of concentration, not sleeping well, no appetite, run down and low! I'm not sure how to cope/deal with this. Any advice would be gratefully received!
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