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  1. Hi Lara, I can totally sympatise with you (apart from child birth). from my experience. get your stress levels down and try to relax when ever you can, i know that's not easy, but you must try. I was the "housekeeper" at home while my wife worked away, but I still had a full time job. I found that the stress exacerbated the PSS. Try taking 30 mins out a day to do some mindfulness or even get on a treadmill and walk for the 30 mins. I'm sure that everyone else will agree. my stomach still acts like a washing machine, but the fatigue and muscle ache has lessened and I'm nearly 2 years on
  2. No your not going mad, that's PSS for you. it's taken me nearly 2 years to feel normal-ish... Stress doesn't help, it seems to make it worse.
  3. Yes, but i'm also looking at the correlation of stress and the "cause" of sepsis.
  4. A question for professionals. Are there any UK linked documents linking Sepsis and stress? I've found a USA on, but need UK docs. Anything would help. Thanks!!
  5. I'm 18 months on and still have brain fog and am exhausted. My "wife" is using it as a cause of divorce. The stress doesn't help the PSS...
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