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  1. Hi, if Joanne is still following this forum, I seem to have lost touch with you and cannot find our conversation anywhere on the website! Hope all is well with you. I'm just beginning my official complaint about Barry's care, via a solicitor, so who knows what trials and tribulations await me as I re-live the whole experience, but I'm convinced it has to be done. One of these days I'll pluck up the courage to get some counselling, at the moment I'm hiding from it but I know I'll have to face it sometime. Have now managed to take husband's clothes out of the wardrobe and 'unpack' the conten
  2. Hi Tricia Don't know if you're still on this forum? I haven't posted to you before, but I hope you are coping ok, it's a difficult journey I know best wishes Linda
  3. Thanks for the meeting, nice to meet you all. I found it beneficial and hope to be there next time too.
  4. Hi Larry, yes I'll be there
  5. Hi is meeting in York still on tomorrow? Linda
  6. Thanks for details of the York meeting. I hope to be able to get there if I can rearrange something I'm supposed to be doing that day! Linda (Moz is my nickname!)
  7. Hi Larry Thanks for your reply, I may well get in touch. Things are still very upsetting for me at the moment and change from day to day, but it's nice to have a lifeline.
  8. Hi Larry, I'm interested to hear about the York group. I live about an hour away.
  9. Hi this is my first time on this forum. I lost my husband to sepsis last month. I don't have much to say except that after surviving three life threatening major operations, his aftercare appeared lacking in so many ways and no-one seemed to get to grips with the sepsis with any enthusiasm or skill. He was discharged home with an obvious infection, lasted 48 hours then back to hospital as an emergency and died five days later. He had been diagnosed with a life limiting condition which would have ended his life in a couple of years in any case and I believe they just abandoned him because o
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