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  1. Sorry to hear you have had it rough. Sounds like yours was far worse than mine. It took me about 4 months to feel vaguely normal again. I went through the aches and then the anxiety but thankfully have come out the other side if that is any comfort. It does get better with time. Strangely as the sepsis started taking over i did start getting pins and needles in my legs. I wonder if that is why they ached for so long afterwards. Hope you start to feel human again soon
  2. Went to dr today because i came out in varicose veins over my right leg over the last few days but last night my leg was in agony around my knee and thigh. The dr thinks i have fibromyalgia in my leg so i know have to wear some lovely thigh high compression stockings!not sure if it is now a life long thing or just whilst pregnant. Upon reading about it online it seems that fibromyalgia can be triggered by viral infection and it says they have seen it appear after sepsis which i thoight was interesting as I had sepsis that developed from a virus. Just when i thought the after effects were starting to move in the right direction
  3. Booked appointment with midwife for Monday to put my mind at rest, many thanks Mark and Julie x
  4. Thank you, i will do, this is my third pregnancy and my legs usually ache but not had my arms aching so much before. Its so hard to tell what is pregnancy related and what is sepsis related. The drs are going to be fed up of me soon! many thanks
  5. It has been nearly 6 weeks post sepsis and over the last few days my arms and legs have really been aching, so much so that i cant hold my arms up for too long. I am pregnant also but was just wondering if anyone has experience of this post sepsis and has any advice to help relieve the ache. Does it mean i am missimg some vitamins? I am taking pregnancy vitamins but doesn't seem to make a difference. Many thanks
  6. Thank you for your reply and advice, midwife is aware and they have advised they are there if i need any additional support which is good. Cannot wait to shift this virus and sinus pain to hopefully get a decent nights sleep at some point
  7. Hi, just wondered if anyone else had experience of having sepsis whilst being pregnant? I developed sepsis from a viral infection 3 weeks ago and was 19 weeks pregnant. It was severe but caught fairly early. I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance and stayed in for 2 days. I was given IV antibiotics and fluids, then sent home with 5 more days of tablet antibiotics. I still have the virus, had blood test at the doctors which confirmed my white cells are low which means my body is still trying to get rid of a virus. Drs advised nothing they can do as virus does not respond to antibiotics. I just feel so drained and my arms and legs ache. I now find it hard to sleep at night and tend to wake at 2 or 3am and then toss and turn until morning. Has anyone got any useful tips? i am taking pregnancy vitamins, eating fruit and steaming. Not sure what else i can do. Does anyone have any idea how long this will last? I have never taken so long to get over an illness and of course am paranoid about developing sepsis again whilst I still have a virus, Many thanks Lindsay
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