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  1. Great post, good to look back and see how far you have come. Your advice on recovery is good. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  2. Hi Rachel, sorry to hear you’re a bit fed up today. After reading your post I think you’re doing well to be back at work. It does take time to get over what you have been through and it’s still early days. Be good to yourself, bit by bit you’ll notice improvements and whenever you can try and rest. Wishing you well, Dave.
  3. Hello Liz, I hope you are ok. Your story is tragic I'm so sorry. Sepsis can be devastating and someone's condition can deteriorate so rapidly as you have sadly experienced. The Trust is doing everything to raise awareness so I'm glad you were able to share your story. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.
  4. Hi Naomi, congratulations on the birth of your baby I hope you are feeling well today. I'm sorry I can't comment on how you are feeling as I'm not a medic. Having discussed recovery with others who have suffered sepsis their experiences are so different. There is some info on recovery on the sepsis trust site which I hope you find helpful and hopefully someone else may respond to you. All I can say is that in my case it does get better. I hope you experience the same, I wish you well.
  5. It is a link to the whole programme. Sepsis was the main theme of the programme so various parts of my interview were used throughout. Dr. Ron is also on the programme as is one of the doctors at Kettering General hospital ICU.
  6. Link to my radio interview last week http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p025l788
  7. I'm so sorry to hear this Terry, it's tragic. Thank you for sharing your story about Oliver.
  8. Earlier this year I was refused life insurance. My GP has never been able to find out why. Now I am struggling to get Travel Insurance.
  9. I would be interested to help.
  10. What a privilege to have been part of the team from CAN young peoples team to take on the challenge to cross the Yorkshire Moors to raise funds for the Sepsis Trust UK. The challenge was successfully completed. The walkers set off at 6.00am on Saturday. Crossing the moors took 18 hrs. 30mins. I arrived back home at 6.00 am Sunday. Those walking the moors were Brian McDairmid, Gurnham Singh, John Parkinson and Alison Mills the Manager of the CAN young peoples team. I was in the support vehicle with Pat who is Alison's partner. This was quite a challenge and required a great deal of physical an
  11. My talk went well. My audience was a group of officers and staff on a specific development programme. The feedback was that no one had heard of Sepsis. One comment: 'I can't believe I've just heard this. It's like something you read in a magazine, I'm inspired'
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