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    Dcarson got a reaction from 2005rachel0 in forgetful & knackered!   
    Hi Rachel, sorry to hear you’re a bit fed up today. After reading your post I think you’re doing well to be back at work. It does take time to get over what you have been through and it’s still early days. Be good to yourself, bit by bit you’ll notice improvements and whenever you can try and rest. Wishing you well, Dave.
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    Dcarson reacted to naomiw87 in How long to feel well again?   
    I had a baby on the 10th December via elective cesarean. 2 weeks ago I started bleeding heavily but before that I was suffering with temperatures and just generally feeling unwell. I saw my doctor who sent me to my maternity unit, while I was there I was diagnosed as having sepsis and retained placenta. I was put straight on to intravenous antibiotics and stayed on them for 3 days. After that I was sent home with 2 strong oral antibiotics. Since then I still feel weak, very tired (I know I have a new baby, but my husband does the night feeds to help me recover.) I keep feeling dizzy and light headed too. I am guessing this is all part of my recovery, but I feel as if I am never going to feel well again. How long did it take others to fully recover?
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    Dcarson reacted to Mark Sollis in BBC Radio Northampton. My Interview   
    If anyone is on a time budget - the key messages are at 00:09:55 mins in, 01:07:00 in and 02:11:00
    Thanks for the link Dave - amazing story and you came across so strong in the face of your adversity - all the very best  
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    Dcarson got a reaction from Mark Sollis in BBC Radio Northampton. My Interview   
    Link to my radio interview last week
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    Dcarson reacted to Balley77 in Loss of Oliver.   
    I am so sorry to hear what you went through Terry. It is frightening how quickly Sepsis strikes, and there is such a small window of opportunity to treat it. If that window is missed or overlooked, it has devastating outcomes.
    Things are obviously still ongoing with you at the moment, and still very raw. 
    I am sure you know that we are all with you on this one, and if there is anything we can do, please just ask or PM.
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    Dcarson got a reaction from lyndsey7513@yahoo.co.uk in Loss of Oliver.   
    I'm so sorry to hear this Terry, it's tragic. Thank you for sharing your story about Oliver. 
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    Dcarson reacted to lyndsey7513@yahoo.co.uk in Loss of Oliver.   
    Hi Terry,
    I am so sorry to hear about your great loss. This is really bad. The hospitals struggle to detect sepsis it seems. I am a sepsis survivor, I had sepsis in April this year, mine started as a viral infection, then within 2 weeks had turned in to double pneumonia and sepsis, the hospital A & E Department, failed to recognise I had sepsis and released me after 1 hour, I was told my the A & E Doctor to stop worrying and just relax, she failed to spot my prurple rash on my face which I pointed out to her, my heart rate was up, my blood pressure low, I had all the signs of sepsis on that day I went to A & E, I could not stand up, this was on the Friday day, they performed an X ray, which she told me was clear, gave me anti bitoics and sent me home. It turned out I had pneumonia on the Friday and sepsis, I went home I was severely tired, no appetite at all, not really drinking as such apart from taking medication. I was vomitting bile.
    Consequently, the next day on Saturday by lunchtime I couldnt walk I was in a deep sleep, not drinking, severly dehydrated, my mother was over that day and called an ambulance as I became unresponsive completely, couldnt move, Paramedic came, he spotted sepsis immediately, which the doctor failed to recognise the previous day, my heart rate was very high, I was tachycardic, could have arrested at any time apparently, he couldnt get an IV line in, my blood had started to coagulate in arms, they rushed me into resus, where doctors were waiting for me, within 20 minutes they had an IV line in my arm, bloods were taken straight away for cultures, an x ray was performed straight away and revealed I had severe pneumonia, the doctors were talking and saying that I should not have been released the day before and was very lucky to respond to the anti bitoics, I was on a heart monitor all night and blood pressure was very low, but monitored every half an hour, I was placed in an acute ward and constantly monitored. My body like your son's was very swollen all over, severe rash,temperasture of 104 degrees, struggling to breathe etc.
    I was in hospital for 4 days, then released with a lot of antibiotics. To cut a long story short. I did lodge a complaint against the hospital and the doctor that treated me. I have had my complaints meeting with hospital Consultants and clinical director in July this year, I went into the meeting armed with research from British Medical Journal, to which they could not argue with, I can honestly say, that the Consultant over A & E and clinical director admitted I had sepsis on the Friday when released home, they also stated that I was very lucky to be alive the following day, they admitted negligence in front of my son & myself, which was a victory to me. I have since had all of this in writing from the hospital and signed by chief executive of the hospital.
    Since my case had been discussed at the hospital big meetings they have with all departments, they have now rolled out training now across the hospital with all departments raising awareness of sepsis and used me as their case study, I have had apologies from Consultants in person and stated they had failed me. It is not very often that hospitals admit in person and in writing that they were wrong. I now have lung problems now in my right lung and my lung has collapsed and struggle to breathe and get very out of breathe now, compromising my health now, but I am alive and very grateful but feel anger also as I was a very healthy 45 year old.
    Also, the Doctor who treated my and failed to diagnose sepsis, turns out to be Romanian,I asked the Consultants where she had done her medical training and it was in Romania not in the UK which I am not a predujiced person, however the hospital have now sent her for re training over at University Hospital in a large City, which I will not name for libel or legal reasons or even state which hospital this was at, apart from it was in the West Midlands area.
    My advice would be question, question, question, the hospitals as to why this was not detected earlier as you need those answers otherwise you will not heal emotionally until you have those answers, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time and your family and you will get a lot of help and support on this site from survivors but also from people who have lost love ones, I read a post the other night on here about a little girl who died, when I read it I was in tears they would not stop and I have tears in my eyes from your story too.. But ultimately, there needs to be more awareness of this silent killer and I will do what I can to raise this awareness. Feel free to contact me if you need any more advice. Take care.
    Lyndsey x
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    Dcarson reacted to Terry in Loss of Oliver.   
    Our 29 year old son, Oliver, died after four days from Sepsis in January 2014. He came home from work on the Thursday and he saw a doctor on Friday who said it was a viral infection and gave him Co-codamol for a back ache(the back ache indicated to us his kidney problem back). He text me on Saturday saying he had blood in his urine. We took him to a local hospital where he informed them of how he felt and the blood in the urine. We were there five hours and he could not pass urine for a urine test. That hospital passed him on to another hospital miles away with a doctor's letter. That hospital took blood tests and then we waited in the waiting area until 10pm when they said they needed to keep him in overnight. When we saw him on the Sunday afternoon he looked terrible: puffed up, heavy breathing, in pain, unabale to hold a glass properly. I complained of his condition to a nurse and that he had passed little urine since the day before and that he was puffed up and is skin colour was unnatural and that is breathing was bad that he needed to see a doctor. The nurse said the doctor was in A&E and would see our son then. I sat with our son talking to him and he seemed tired so I said we would see him the following day and had told the nurs eof his condition. I rang the hosptal at 10pm that night and a nurse said the doctor's were with him and attending to him. At 11.30pm my wife's mobile went off from the hospital saying to come to the hospital as our son was in a bad way. We arrived at the hospital by 12(God knows how) and we were informed that Oliver had had a heart attack but thye ha dmanaged to get his heart going again and he was in ITU. We saw him about 3 hours or so later after thet had put lines into him and wired him up to a machine. The nurse looking after him was wonderful and did all she could to bring him back. He was in a coma and seemed to be steady, but at 4.30pm, he died. His inquest in still in process so I can not name hospitals or treatment etc. The condition from which he died we were informed was Sepsis, but we are still awaited the final verdict from the coroner. This has high-lighted for us this condition Sepsis and how it needs to be made aware just how deadly it can be.
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    Dcarson reacted to Mark Sollis in Life & Travel Insurance Post Sepsis   
    Hi all
    Well, due to an incredible filing system (..?) I managed to find the insurer that covered me, 9 months post ICU so I could fly to Spain
    I did have an in depth conversation with them at the time and completed all the forms honestly and truthfully - so I knew there wouldn't be an issue if I had to claim. The only real conditions of concern in my case were due to collapsed lungs and multiple pneumothoraces. These were identified and with only a small additional cost (£10/£20) was still covered if claiming because of that condition. The documents received stated this quite clearly.
    Can't recall how I got to these guys - may have been on recommendation and / or lots of surfing t'internet but worth a look.
    Link - http://www.getmy.com/
    Hope this helps
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    Dcarson reacted to Alison in Life & Travel Insurance Post Sepsis   
    Ditto - I'd be interested in info too.
    Need piece of mind that if something happens you can get home/get treatment (not just EU). Particularly as insurers try their hardest to wriggle out.
    Not just in relation to sepsis, but insurance when you have other medical complications.
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    Dcarson reacted to Mark Sollis in Life & Travel Insurance Post Sepsis   
    Nail on the head there Alison
    Probably no issue with sepsis but more the complications / consequences of.
    Just looking for who I used after my "episode" and will post back soon.
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    Dcarson reacted to Mark Sollis in Life & Travel Insurance Post Sepsis   
    Hi Dave
    Now I know there are many levels of affected Sepsis - but I travelled after 6 months and spoke at length to the travel Insurance provider and explained all infections, collapsed lungs, ICU, etc etc etc.
    For all cases, Life Insurance may be a question and travel Insurance questionalble, but bottom line is they may just exclude pre-existing conditions - "in the event of a claim"
    We found an accepting insurer on-line - I'll try and find the info - if it will help
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    Dcarson got a reaction from AnnaC in Overcoming Adversity   
    My talk went well. My audience was a group of officers and staff on a specific development programme. The feedback was that no one had heard of Sepsis.
    One comment:
    'I can't believe I've just heard this. It's like something you read in a magazine, I'm inspired'
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    Dcarson reacted to SepsisForum in Raising Awareness, Crossing the Yorkshire Moors   
    Hi Dave
    Really good to hear about the success of the Team's endeavours - The Support Car Role is really tough!
    Fantastic achievement all-round - well don. HAve Tweeted the news (and fixed your JustGiving Link so it goes straight to the page - hope that's OK)
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    Dcarson reacted to admin in Share a Conversation?   
    From recent experience, the BBC (and other networks no doubt) are a little protective of their radio and TV interviews and prefer not to allow their material to be recorded, edited or shared on public sites - like this one! Even though the material is fundamentally Public Domain - and we give those interviews freely just to raise awareness - it is impossible to preserve and publicise these amazing and critical Sepsis information "soundbites" to the wider public, on a permanent basis.
    This has to change...
    The "Listening Project" on Radio 4,offers an opportunity for anyone to "have a conversation" on ANY subject and share their message. Now there's a challenge
    A conversation between two people who are Sepsis aware? A conversation between two people who want to share their story? A conversation between two people who want to raise Sepsis awareness? Now that is an oppoprtunity ...
    OK - If you want  to learn more and possibly help on this Forum project tand have a "conversation", more information is available here. If you want to help mend Sepsis now - post a reply here to register your interest - no obligation - and we will contact all to discuss how you can help and keep Sepsis Awareness in the media for longer than the default "listen again - for 5 days only ..."
    We have two volunteers already - join the campaign and lets make sure we have "Sepsis" on their conversation list
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    Dcarson reacted to Doctor Ron in Overcoming Adversity   
    That's good to hear Dave, and the Guildhall is a mighty impressive venue! So glad you've come so far forward that you're able to help others now. R
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    Dcarson got a reaction from Doctor Ron in Overcoming Adversity   
    Today I am putting final touches to my talk. I have been invited to be guest speaker at an event in the Guildhall London. I will be giving a talk to a group of police officers on overcoming adversity. I also hope to raise awareness of Sepsis.
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    Dcarson got a reaction from admin in Overcoming Adversity   
    Today I am putting final touches to my talk. I have been invited to be guest speaker at an event in the Guildhall London. I will be giving a talk to a group of police officers on overcoming adversity. I also hope to raise awareness of Sepsis.
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    Dcarson reacted to admin in Overcoming Adversity   
    Hi Dave.
    Thanks for the post and sure it will be a great presentation. No doubt there will be lots of questions! You obviously have a story to tell and wish you well. Let us know how you get on and maybe you can share the highlights.
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    Dcarson reacted to Mark Sollis in My Thanks   
    Well It's a start
    Full story may follow
    Thanks to You.pdf
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