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  1. Hi Thanks for you reply, much appreicated. So glad that you were lucky to pull throught Tricia
  2. HI Sarah Thanks for your reply, i'm afraid I am nowhere near to go for a coffee, as I live in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Thanks for the offer. Councelling is good but this I find very hard, as I find it hard to talk to people. I can listen well, but find it hard to respond, Carl did a lot of talking for both of us. At the moment day times are easier than nights, as I have people around me. My neighbours are also supportive, but as I am so quiet I find it hard to knock on their doors. I know people tell me that time will help, but I am not sure. I have thought about getting a dog to keep me occupied, but this will not be for a few months yet, as I have garden panels to replace in the garden, and then to find the right dog (I am looking for a cokerpoo). Must go now, hope I have not bored you. Tricia
  3. I lost my husband Carl to SEPSIS ON 1st September 2016. He was admitted to A&E with a swollen knee, within 48 hours he was in ITU. I was told that he was strong and young enough (51) to pull through. 2 weeks later he died - All his organs gave up, he had a cardiac arrest. My world has been turned upside down, not only was he my husband, he was my best friend, I am lost without him. My family have been there for me, its not the same as they have their own lives. I feel so alone and all I do is cry. I still see a councellor every 4/6 weeks. (this I find hard as I am a very introvert person). I believer there are not enough medial people who know how to diognise Sepsis. Tricia
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