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  1. Hello I just thought I would update this in case anyone experiences similar in the future. I've recently been diagnosed with PTSD as a result my experiences. It turns out that the problems I have with speaking from time to time are in fact flashbacks, where I am reliving the experience of having sepsis. It's seems completely mind boggling to me, but if something reminds me of having sepsis in a specific way I feel all the things that I felt when I was at my sickest. Hopefully this can help someone else who is also feeling confused! Get well soon everyone x
  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Yes perhaps I need to take it easier sometimes. It's hard to know where the limit is and then even when you're up to it life still goes on and things come up, so what can you do I guess. I do feel very lucky reading all your stories. It can't be easy to pick back up from being so unwell. Do you find it has got easier over time or do you reach a point where that's the best it will get. It would be handy to know where my expectations should be?
  3. Hi I am about 18 months post sepsis, which occurred about a week following the birth of my son. I was in hospital for a week, luckily not in ICU just a ward and I had some one to one care at the start of my stay. I still have some problems with my speech and I'm wondering if it is normal? When I'm tired I find it difficult to speak. It's like the words leave my brain but I can't get to my mouth quick enough. I often have to stop speaking mid sentence to get myself together and get the next word out or I stutter. The action of it at the time is just exhausting -and I feel like I'm slurring my words and everything is working very slowly. The next day the bottom half of my face aches and feels really drained like it's run a marathon or something. It only happens when I'm tired. I often have to tell my husband that I can't talk to him because I'm too tired. It's not really bothered me until now but I'm back at work now after my maternity leave and it seems to have having more of an impact on me. I know it's related to the sepsis as it is exactly the same feeling I had while in hospital. I found speaking exhausting and slurred my words a lot. I mentioned it to my GP about a year ago and she just dismissed it saying that if I was slurring my words it might be sepsis, but it's not otherwise I'd be having it several times a week! I guess I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this? Is it normal and will it go away in time or is this how I am now? Does anyone have any tips on how to cope with it better? Luckily I don't really have any other effects of the illness. I do have phases of completely exhaustion, which I suspect are related but it's hard to know if that's just part and parcel of having a child and not sleeping well! Thanks x
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