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  1. Tricia, sorry to read what you have written, your husband was only a year older than I am now, and it puts into perspective how lucky I feel now that I managed to pull through, and also what other people on this great and very useful site have said to me and others regarding what a big part luck sometimes plays regarding the treatment of this disease. I hope you are feeling stronger with each day that passes and that you are able to remember the good times. Dave
  2. I completely get what you are saying, I am only in my second week out of hospital and was at the GP this morning to discuss the fact that I am still having headaches which started when I was in hospital, but I find that I have the words in my head but getting them out seems the difficult part, it's not so much as a stammer, just like the words are on the tip of my tongue and almost seem to be stuck there, does that make sense? The GP was reassuring in the fact that she said that many different symptoms may arise and also reiterated what lots of other people on here, and in life have said,
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