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  1. thanks for that Larry, just made the call and I will have a read of that link right now Dave
  2. I have posted a few times on the boards and have become a regular reader, I have a kidney and liver condition and had a cyst rupture in my kidney back in February, and a few days after managed to contract sepsis, it was a 999 ambulance job straight into A&E, and to be truthful, all of the consultants I have spoken too since have told me that the quick thinking of my wife in calling the ambulance probably saved my life. That was back in February as I said, and I have now been back at work for just on a month, but on reduced days and even now I have ups and downs and good and bad days when tiredness and soreness, especially in my legs and joints overtakes me a little, and other seemingly niggly things too, and they all seem to add up, I almost think that I have reached a plateau at the moment where my recovery seems to have stalled to a stop, and even though I am so much better than he first few days and weeks out of hospital I am still frustrated by my body that I am not 100%. The point of my post was we attended a family party yesterday, and I was the hot topic as to what had happened and how I was recovering and feeling since my scare, and one of my cousins works for the job centre, and happened to mention that it might be worth me making an application to get the PIP benefit as I am currently on reduced hours and I am giving serious thought to reducing my hours to a permanent 4 day week which means there will be a big monthly drop in my wages. she told me this benefit it aimed as a top up in situations like mine, and is like an encouragement to keep people in work, so, has anyone who reads this forum tried to claim it, and what where the results if you did?, I am off on Tuesday, so I am defo going to make the call to see what they say, nothing ventured nothing gained is what I say, but anybody's help and comments would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  3. I developed sepsis back in early Feb after a cyst rupture in my kidney, and 4 days later only thanks to the quick thinking of my wife, I was in an ambulance and straight into A&E and on a iv drip less than 20 minutes later, so she tells me I ended up in hospital for a week, 6 days on iv antibiotics until they got the infection under control, and even now after 9 weeks out of hospital I am still finding my feet, I was discharged from hospital, and to be honest all I did was sleep for the first week, even waking and getting downstairs was a struggle, only to feel then like I could easily sleep for hours more. The one thing I found is that I have gone from fit and healthy to feeling like a completely different person, I still feel very weak, am still suffering headaches and joint pain, especially in my knees and legs and lower back, but for me that is the very frustrating part, as I considered myself to be fit and active, even small steps, and pushing myself a little too far can set me back for a couple of days. By reading mine and other peoples stories on here you will find that everyone has similar, but different symptoms (does that make sense?) and the key to things seems to be time more than anything, and listening to your body. Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon. Dave
  4. Tricia, sorry to read what you have written, your husband was only a year older than I am now, and it puts into perspective how lucky I feel now that I managed to pull through, and also what other people on this great and very useful site have said to me and others regarding what a big part luck sometimes plays regarding the treatment of this disease. I hope you are feeling stronger with each day that passes and that you are able to remember the good times. Dave
  5. Carol, as easy as it is for me to say that you shouldn't feel guilty, as Gillian said above, lots of survivors, myself included can put it down to a degree of luck, the fact that my wife called the ambulance when she did, the face the a&e was empty, the fact the ambulance crew spotted the symptoms, all things like this make a difference, so as terrible it is that your brother died things can happen very quickly, as I found out. Dave
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-39219765 good to see the word and the symptoms being spread for more people to see Dave
  7. I will second what Gillian says, I am realising too that it's sometimes the tiny steps that matter, but again, best wishes to you in your recovery. Dave
  8. I completely get what you are saying, I am only in my second week out of hospital and was at the GP this morning to discuss the fact that I am still having headaches which started when I was in hospital, but I find that I have the words in my head but getting them out seems the difficult part, it's not so much as a stammer, just like the words are on the tip of my tongue and almost seem to be stuck there, does that make sense? The GP was reassuring in the fact that she said that many different symptoms may arise and also reiterated what lots of other people on here, and in life have said, these things take time, I kind of describe it as feeling as if I am in a bit of a muddle at the moment. Dave
  9. Thanks for all the replies so far, as I said in my post I was almost looking for some reassurance that what I am feeling is probably what I should be feeling (make sense?), I will admit I do find it hard to relax, and even the two weeks I have been off work so far have been hard, but as I keep hearing, listening to my body seems to be the simplest, but not necessarily easiest thing to do, but already I seems to be one step forward then two steps back if I try to do a little too much which I have found to my cost on a couple of occasions, but I am learning, and one of those things is not to set sights on going back to work too early, or rushing it either. Thanks again. Dave
  10. Thanks for accepting me into the group, and I myself am at the same place a lot of other people on the forums and the group seem to be at, asking the question about what can I expect recovery and time wise. My story is that I have something called polycystic liver and kidney disease, about a month ago I had pain in my kidney, just a pain, but after 5 days it turned into a stabbing pain and a trip to A&E where they diagnosed a ruptured cyst, kept me in overnight and sent me home with a shedload of pain relief, all was ok until four days after when I woke up just feeling a little off, and gradually over the weekend went from a little unwell to a 4am 999 call as I was so weak and hot and feverish. I was lucky apparently to get into the hospital when there was almost no other patients about, and the ambulance crew had already worked out that I had sepsis symptoms with their original tests, so less then half an hour after getting there I was on an antibiotic drip, which took over 5 days to get my temperature under control, peaking I think at 40.4 degrees, and after 6 days in i was discharged. The consultant told me they had grown e.coli in my blood samples and this had gone on to be the cause of the sepsis, whether the ruptured cyst was already infected or not they weren't able to tell me, but what 3 doctors have all said is that I was fortunate to get seen as quickly as I was, and they a delay could have been incredibly serious. My biggest concern as I said at the top of the page is my recovery, I only realised when the doctors told me exactly how serious my illness has been did it really sink home, I am only 50, but fit and mostly healthy, cycle to work daily, and do a manual physical job, but in my whole life I have never felt as bad as I do now, almost permanently tired, my body is aching, never slept so much, and even small steps, like a walk on the beach seem to knock me back when I hoped that they would make me feel better and maybe stronger. In some respects maybe I am looking for some reassurances from other people who have been through what I am going through now, it's actually a little scary too feeling as I am feeling now, but reading through some of your stories has made me feel a lot better regarding what I can expect from myself. Any comments or opinions would be gratefully received. Dave
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