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  1. Hi Blackrat72 That must of been really painful and some size to need it packed. Really feel for you!! Are your bloods next week? Do you not feel that your diary is full of attending medical appointments? I know mine is!! Today, was physio and then that was me done. This was my 8th week but I think it shall soon be my last, or shall be put in another class. Yesterday, had my area manager visit me with a wellness interview, and left me with 2 forms. One was to sign to release my medical file and the other was to except to see their doctor. Either way she shall let me know which to sign on HR's request. Bloody cheek!! As if I'm off for the fun of it!? It's clearly stated on my sick note and I'm signed off until July 20th. Like you I am on crutches and I'm using for instability. Do hope the wound shall heal well for you now. Did they say the stitch was the issue? Well keep your chin up, you've got through the worst. Keep well and keep limping xx
  2. Sorry I just saw your message regarding emailing Larry. I shall do! As for doctors having an understanding to the full extent how it effects us, I so agree. Today, when the doc came in and was " like good news, isn't this great" etc., I shocked him when I said "no". Then went on to explain!! I think he had hoped it was the last time he'd be seeing me for awhile. He then examined my leg and procedured to tell us that my consultant won't do it for 2 years, but he had spoke to another who may consider sooner. I've reached my plateau of pain and mobility, and its obvious it's only to get worst. I still have to have crutches as my knee is unstable and so painful on weight bearing. I've had the family telling me not to put to much hope on today's outcome, but I'm just glad to be taken seriously. And there is two separate things going on here the sepsis ( now post sepsis) and a gammy leg. Well let us know how your bloods go?! X
  3. Hi Just an update on my visit to the hospital today, and that is my CRP are normal which I already did know. But instead with my present consultant who will not go ahead with a total knee replacement for 2 years, I'm having a second opinion. Only one other consultant that can deal with revisions and more difficult procedures has given a "window of opportunity" to maybe look into going ahead. Their is obviously a risk of infection again having it done, but there would be in 2 yrs time.How I look at it ........ didn't I take that risk when on January 4th I had my very first arthroscopy procedure. Feeling positive!!! I dunno if I had 5 consultants all giving different opinions, I'm only going to go with the one that gives the answer I want?! So going to have a bit of sun ☀ Try and be me again, instead of worrying about stuff. As for our travel insurance, basically anything that happens to me in association to my knee I won't be covered and nor will the family. Unbelievable!! Happy days! Xx
  4. Hi Blackrat72 Thanks for your understanding words. I really feel for you having your wound leaking still, it does make you paranoid of any changes. Mine just sweats, that's the only way I can explain it and nobody gets it. My CRP are back to normal, so the Doctor makes me feel as though I should be satisfied with that I'm better. Now I've been put me on antidepressants and referred for counselling. Are you still having your bloods checked? I have an appointment today with my consultant, so I'm compiling a list of questions cos I'm such an air head. Probably, just give it to him because last time I was so tearful. Like you, I don't sleep and things replay in my head at night. I have taken to listening to a meditation app on my phone, but that gets on my nerves when I get really fidgety. I think, I may give a call to the sepsis office, cos I'm getting fed up of the comments from friends. I do appreciate their good intentions but when they say I can start a fresh and re invent myself as I've been taken right to the lowest point......... etc. I actually liked me and my life!!!Not my fault I went into hospital with a bad knee and came out with a lot worst. Feel as though everyone around me are carrying on with their lives and mine has just stopped still !! See I just can't snap out of this negativity!!! I really do appreciate reading messages on here, even though everyone has a different journey surviving sepsis. Healing thoughts to you xx
  5. Hi ......... this my first time writing on here, after surviving sepsis. I have been going through the forums looking for answers to why, I feel as I do?! Blackrat 72 is feeling very much, how I felt and story is quite similar to mine. I had an arthroscopy of my knee on January 4th 2017, all went well until just before I returned back to work my wound ouzed. I spoke to the nurse at our surgery, and was told that it was fine as long as the fluid doesn't smell and I don't have a line running up my thigh. Still concerned after returning to work, I rang the surgery again and the sister practice took my call and said to go to my surgery which I did. Again, the nurse said the same as what I was told before about smell and a line, but this time added it's better out than in, to be leaking. If it wasn't for the practice nurse calling her ( the one from the sister practice, that insisted I go to the surgery) I don't think she would of done my temperature and swabbed it if she hadn't told her to. Anyway, back at work 3 days, and results negative from the swab and still no answer to why it was leaking as it was. Day off came, and BOOM woke up, told my husband I don't feel well. Couldn't quite say what I felt, but he left for work and I was under instructions to have a duvet day. Oh! and not to be a marter and take pain relief if I need it. I just knew I was not well and called the surgery again. If it wasn't for the receptionist who answered that day, I probably wouldn't be here now. She insisted I put the phone down and call for an ambulance, and repeated it a couple of times. I didn't do it immediately, because I thought that's a bit drastic and when I couldn't pull myself together or move....... I knew I must call and I did. That's it !!!! Paramedics found me collapsed and rushed to Torbay. I had my second operation on the 24 th and another 2 and stayed in hospital for 15 days. While in hospital I had strong antibiotic (12 a day) and intravenous as well 3 times. I was discharged on the understanding I would take this machine home and use to get my leg to bend. Also, had 5 weeks of the MAAT team coming everyday to give intravenous antibiotics and take bloods. Lucky for me, that I was able to have the team do this for me, otherwise I would of been in hospital a very long time. Fundermentally, this has been a life changing experience for me and my family. Though nobody understands what your going through mentally. I'm not the same person!! I'd love to be back to normal, and bubbly again. This whole experience has effected me mentally, physically and amotionally. I want to know why??!! I'm angry!! I'm left in a worst state with my knee than I ever was before, and I can't have my knee replaced for two years ( that bit I do understand). So I'm 3 months on, and still on crutches. I have another 3 months off. And feel consultants, doctors, nurses, physios, etc., in my experience have no knowledge about the aftermath of sepsis and your just left to it. Apologies for my rant, not sure I feel better for it!! But maybe I shall sleep better tonight ??!!
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