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    SepsisForum got a reaction from melanieainsbury in Ideas For The Forum   
    Hi Anne - and welcome to the UK Sepsis Trust Forum
    The PM option is indeed a Private Message system available to all registered Members of the Forum. Message content is only shared between those participants who are invited to share the conversation (you can invite multiple participants) and content is not shared with other members of the Forum. As with all on line systems, your message security is protected via your log-on and associated site password, which should never be shared.
    More info on the PM facility can be found here in the Forum help files and the PM system can be accessed via the drop down (top right on any page - under your log-on name), or by hovering over a users name on any page and selecting "send message"
    To be clear however, please note that for security and moderation purposes, all site content can be accessed and viewed by the site Administrators, in case of abuse or contravention of our Terms and Conditions of Use. A full list of site Administrators can be found here
    Additionally, if a Member has allowed their email address to be shared as public, you also have the option of mailing them direct. Hover over the Member name and click the email address if shown. Alternatively, click on the user to go to their profile page for further information and contact details.
    We hope this gives you the assurances you were looking for and would welcome your feedback on the PM system after you have used it.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story on the site and hope that the Forum can help you move forward after such a tragic loss.
    Thoughts and best wishes
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    SepsisForum reacted to philman in One year later   
    Hi Michelle,
    Just a quick post to reassure you that you are firstly, you are doing great - well done for battling on and getting back to work (although it sounds, like many here, you are finding you need to not over-do it!!), and secondly, yes you are going through the same draining fatigue among many other other symptoms that many of us are learning to live with and it seems to be normal for us survivors. Hang in there!! I am about 2.5 years out from Sepsis. I work 3 days a week as a music therapist and 2 days from home on my own business as a graphic designer, and to be honest the 2 days at home since sepsis have been rest days really and my business has suffered. However 2.5 years has seen some improvements, the fatigue can still really smash me, but it happens less often. I have learnt and am still learning to pace myself more (very frustrating!!). Still get leg pains etc and various other pains in my body. Still vitamin d deficient since sepsis. Have found that making sure I drink enough water daily does help. Used to be very fit prior to sepsis, and am frustrated that I have put on some weight over these 2.5 years as I can't (or am too afraid) to exercise like I used to. I would love to get running again, but fear that I may need time of work if i try!! One day - hopefully!! Anyhow, things are improving - but it is a slow process - be kind to yourself. If you have read any of my posts you may have seen that is took me a whole year before I had the energy to walk my kids to school - about a 10 min walk. Now I have no trouble with this :-) Like you are finding, there is very little support for us survivors, this forum is great, and a couple of facebook ones are good too, the NHS don't seem to have many answers and just put most of it down to chronic fatigue or post infection fatigue and say "there is no magic pill". I hope to get along to one of the UK sepsis trust support groups soon as i think it would be good to meet with others who understand what we are struggling with etc. But please remain positive - I hope this post doesnt come across as negative, yes I still struggle with health - but it is improving as the years pass. Stay hopeful, look after yourself, all the best...
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    SepsisForum reacted to Mark Sollis in 2016 - Cycle4Sepsis C4S16   
    My amazing son and a number of other dedicated supporters are riding under the "Team Sollis" banner for the 2016 annual #C4S16 event, taking place on 10-11th September 2016.
    This will be their third year and again, will be a fantastic awareness opportunity as they travel from the Midlands down to South Wales
    You can visit his blog here and keep up to date with preparations for the ride and if you want to support all the T£am, you can find th£ir Just Giving page here
    There are many events throughout the year, which help The UK Sepsis Trust raise awareness of this condition.So many lives have been saved because the public and professional leaders in the industry are now more aware and understand the signs and symptoms of Sepsis. Fortunately I survived through great medical care but there is still a lot to do
    If you are running an event or taking part in #C4S16, then post the details here on the Forum and let everyone know what you are doing - and why.
    Good luck to everyone on the #C4S16 trail - see you on Cardiff!

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    SepsisForum reacted to Gillianflutes in More awareness for surviviors   
    I seem to come on this forum when things are challenging! The weather has been BEAUTIFUL this weekend so I weeded yesterday and generally did too much! Today, is still beautiful but after doing some of what I planned I am on the couch! Yet again, I find myself trying to stay positive. I know I'll come throu this as I am determined that I will!! Not sure how sometimes though. I am coming up to one year post-sepsis and although I am doing more I still have so many aches and get so drained of energy.
    This week has been special. One of my daughters had identical twin girls. They are adorable! They are numbers 3 and 4 for my daughter so life is going to be interesting! These positive events are so important and help to keep me doing everything possible to get better.
    Good to have you all here to share ups and downs with. Anyone from Scotland?
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    SepsisForum got a reaction from JULIE CARMAN in loss of my dad   
    Hi Natalie
    Do contact the Sepsis Trust
    They have a great support service that can really help
    Contact details here
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    SepsisForum got a reaction from JULIE CARMAN in Just Joined   
    Great poetry Geoff!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and your clearly haven't lost your sense of irony in adversity
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    SepsisForum got a reaction from admin in Weekly Tweet Archive   
    Busy days on social media and a fantastic campaign.
    Check out the famous photos in our Gallery - and spot those from radio and TV too!!
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    SepsisForum got a reaction from jo_kenyon in Cycle for Sepsis 15 - Plan and thoughts?   
    Hi Natalie
    Thanks for taking time to post your interest - it would be great to have as many people involved as possible!
    We will send on your request to Jo at The UK Sepsis Trust and no doubt she will be in touch soon
    Hope your daughter is recovering well
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    SepsisForum reacted to Balley77 in Loss of Oliver.   
    I am so sorry to hear what you went through Terry. It is frightening how quickly Sepsis strikes, and there is such a small window of opportunity to treat it. If that window is missed or overlooked, it has devastating outcomes.
    Things are obviously still ongoing with you at the moment, and still very raw. 
    I am sure you know that we are all with you on this one, and if there is anything we can do, please just ask or PM.
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    SepsisForum got a reaction from Dcarson in Raising Awareness, Crossing the Yorkshire Moors   
    Hi Dave
    Really good to hear about the success of the Team's endeavours - The Support Car Role is really tough!
    Fantastic achievement all-round - well don. HAve Tweeted the news (and fixed your JustGiving Link so it goes straight to the page - hope that's OK)
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    SepsisForum got a reaction from AnnaC in Weekly Tweet Archive   
    For Week Ending 13/06/2014
      daman mullhi @dmullhi  ·  Jun 11   The blueprint for saving 12,500 lives a year. Launched @HouseofCommons today @SepsisUK #teamsepsis pic.twitter.com/ohonybxrXk  
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    SepsisForum got a reaction from Maine in Dates For Your Diary   
    If you want to promote your Awareness Event, Support Meeting or other similar activity in the Forum, post the details here.
    We will also add it to the Forum Calendar for everyone to see!
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