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  1. First please know that reading all the things everyone has shared has helped me to feel normal, hopeful and less lonely. I am an active vibrant woman who had robust vibrant health prior to this illness. In March 2017 I became severely critically ill with sepsis, multiorgan failure, metabolic encephalopathy, severe protein malnutrition, suffered a throat laceration and bleed into my lungs among other related issues... and I also hit my head the night I was hospitalized when I fainted. I was on dialysis while admitted but have not needed it afterward. I had horrific terror dreams of being tormented by demonic creatures. I was intervened for by The Great Mother, a singular and powerful experience that has changed my belief system in ways that are still unfolding. When I was no longer sedated I struggled vey much with breathing and blood in my airway as well as hallucinations. I was in the ICU for 13 days and hospitalized for a total of 16. I am aware how lucky and blessed I am to be alive... and also sane. Each of us has beat the odds and have a great deal for which to be grateful. I'd like to share symptoms I still experience and if possible what helps with that symptom. I invite others to do the same, for any symptoms I have that you also share or any I don't happen to list. Let's share what helps if we can. - Rapid heart rate, 135 or more when standing or walking and 90 to 115 sitting. This is much, much higher than normal for me. Acupuncture intended to support my kidneys has lowered this by 10 to 30 bpm. - A wretched draining-sinking feeling in my chest. I've seen others speak of this here. It's a pretty awful sensation. This has improved a bit over time and was reduced most by a Reiki energy intuitive healer who did what she referred to as a cardiovascular shock protocol. I am a skeptic on this topic no longer. This sensation happens far less now. I find that if I eat nourishing meats and cooked vegetables and no dairy plus rest addresses it. - Feeling very lethargic and dull with cold hands and feet in the afternoons from about noon to 5pm. Napping or resting seems to help but I cannot seem to prevent it. Tired is too small a word for how I feel. - Trouble finding words while speaking, slow mental processing, trouble speaking at all if there is any emotional charge to the topic or situation. Rest seems to help this in general. Reading books I like that I have already read before & are familiar along with time spent alone not interacting with others at all seems to help. - Stiffness overall but especially in my hips. Yoga and stretching and avoiding dairy completely has improved this for me. - Feeling tired and as though my body and limbs are made of lead. Taking walks in the morning when I feel best and limiting activity somewhat to not overdo it & then resting seems to be helping me increase my endurance slowly. - My hair is damaged and also falling out. I'm told this may last as long as 9 months. I use rice water to nourish the hair I have and the new hair coming in. I may have to cut my formerly long pretty hair because its so thin and damaged but the rice water really does help it look as good as it can for now. It's cheap and simple and natural. Just soak uncooked rice in water and use that water as a rinse. - Food preference and tolerance changes. I used to enjoy green juices but these no longer appeal nor do they make me feel good. I also feel much better avoiding all dairy/ milk derived food. I find I feel best when I eat eggs, chicken or beef, and cooked vegetables and fresh or cooked fruits. I am making my own sauerkraut for the probiotic benefits and alao use kefir water and kombucha. Yogurt is no good for gut flora recovery, I highly recommend googling on this topic, dont take my word for it. - Emotional fragility and sadness, loss of confidence and fear. (I want to say I also feel a great deal of self love and patience, and self care but this feelings are easy and nice and I'm speaking of things I try to address and improve. ) Eating in the way I just described has helped my emotional stability a lot. Journaling, gratitude practice and yoga help, as does getting lots of sleep. - Speaking of sleep - I do everything I can to support my sleep. I keep my house cool to cold at night and adhere to a routine. Walking and beibg active without overdoing it also helps. - Smelling funny, my sweat has had strange smells at different stages. I smelled like roast beef for a month after this illness , and there is an odd odor to my sweat that improved as my kidney function improved but is still present. I change my sheets often and try to drink lots of filtered water. - Aching and a feeling of tightness or stiffness around my kidneys. This holds true even though my GFR is in the 80s now which means my kidneys are doing well. I pay close attending to what foods I have been eating and how they impact this. Salt is a biggie. I try to do side stretches and drink lots of water especially when I'm noticing my kidneys. - I no longer suffer from this. I was kept on heavy-hitting drugs like fentanyl during the 13 days I was in the ICU while intubated and I went through withdrawals afterward and for about 2 weeks after discharge. I'm grateful these medicines helped save my life. There was no weaning and nothing dine to address or prevent this - it wasn't even mentioned. I will always be aware of pain medicines as a risk in my opinion; my body was addicted to these substances and the sudden absence caused awful skin crawling, achey-awful feelings and anxiety-like feelings I didn't understand & that certainly did not make coping with any of this traumatic event in my life easier. I'd be interested to hear how many of you may have experienced this. Ok... that's what I can think of for now. Ill add more if i think of it and there seems to be interest. I really look forward to hearing from any of you who want you share your experience and what works for you.
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