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  1. I completely empathise with how you are feeling! I had sepsis 3 years ago, I can still remember clearly how I felt during the different stages of my physical and mental recovery process. I'm pleased to say that with the right help, you can feel better and learn how to deal with the emotions you feel at the moment! It's not "getting over" what's happened to you that I think is important, it's learning how to deal with it and put life into perspective again. Cognitive behavioural therapy was my lifeline. I know not every therapy suits everyone, but I would recommend everyone to give it a go! It helped me to look at my experience differently and to cope with the different emotions I was going through. I saw a psychiatrist initially, was diagnosed with post traumatic stress and saw her for a few sessions. Her therapy really wasn't for me, which is why I seeked my own CBT. If you are willing to try anything, then you will find the right help for you. It will get better and easier, not straight away, but in the not so distant future!! I hope it helps to know that there is light at the end if the tunnel. Anna xx
  2. Thank you Mark. It was lovely to meet you too. Anna x
  3. Let me know if I can help in any way. Anna x
  4. Hi, The charity was allocated one space for next years marathon, which my husband has taken. I'm sure if you email the charity and express your interest, they will keep you updated if any more become available or for the following year. Anna x
  5. I couldn't agree with you both more when you say you find out who your true caring friends and family are. I have an amazing close family network, but it's a shame that the same can't be said for a few friends (they are no longer on my Christmas list, lol). I suffered PTSD and was referred to a psychiatrist by my GP for the diagnosis. I found her "therapy" extremely traumatic and it was making me worse rather than helping. I therefore sourced my own cognitive behavioural therapist and found she really helped me and now.... No flashbacks or panic attacks. Thank goodness. I do believe that sepsis is a life changing experience. But the only way I can help turn this in to a positive is by helping to raise awareness of the symptoms. Don't get me wrong, it took me a long time to get to where I am now, but I've been where both of you are and all I can say is to stay positive and remember.... There is light at the end of the tunnel!! Anna xx
  6. Hi Noodle, I had sepsis in May 2012 and can only draw on my own experience. From what I understand everyone will recover differently. I was in ICU for 4 days and sent home after a week in hospital. I was never explained what sepsis was and only knew that was what I had when it was written on my discharge letter. I had no information on recovery or what to expect with my health! If only I had found The UK Sepsis Trust sooner, it would have been an amazing support to have had people to speak to about what I was going through. About a week after I was discharged, all the skin on my hands and feet peeled off, I felt like a snake. Approximately 6-8 weeks after having sepsis my hair began to fall out and in total I lost about 70%. No one had told me either of these things were going to happen and I could have dealt with it a lot better if I had been half expecting it! My GP did blood tests a few weeks after being discharged and then every month or so. These showed that I was aneamic, so would explain in part the tiredness I was feeling. It's hard to put a time on recovery but I would say I was able to do more "normal" activities approximately 5months after. But to recover from the psychological side of it, it was about a year. I'm pleased to say that all my hair grew back and is back to normal again. I am immensely happy to say that now I am back to my normal self and have added a little baby to our already family of 3. She was born 18months after I had sepsis and just goes to show that life really does carry on after sepsis and isn't the end of the world (like I thought it would be when I found out). I made sure that I took a good multivitamin and also researched "pro-biotics". My immune system felt like it had gone to pieces and needed some good putting back in to it. I took a high dose because of being on such strong antibiotics and it definitely made a difference to my recovery and my body feeling healthy again. I hope this helps a bit. You are not alone with what you're going through and there's a lot of help and support on the website. Anna xx
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