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  1. Thanks Matt, that's really helpful. appreciate the reply.
  2. Does anybody on the forums use any form of relaxation exercise to aid their recovery? If so what works for you? I would be most interested as I have been subject to palpitations and find them difficult to deal with. It's worse after any form of activity and on waking in the morning. I also have heart failure which it not helpful. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi Rachel, "Fresh Fish", yes it it's a term used for somebody newly joining a unit or a body. Hence the use, sorry I didn't mean to be so enigmatic! Yes Larry was extremely helpful. I wish the medics were a little bit more forthcoming, although I can understand that they are not in the prophesy business.
  4. Thanks Mark, I've since spoken to Larry on the help line and he has made sense for me of all the strange post sepsis symptoms. To think I put it all down to stress and anxiety!
  5. Hello All, I'm a recent survivor of Sepsis, and would like to say hello to the community. I've actually learnt more here than was provided by the professionals. Certainly when it comes to post sepsis symptoms, and I put it all down to stress!
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